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Applications and Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cable is also known as “Optical Fiber Cable”, it is special types of networking cable that is made by glass or special type of plastic which can allow to transmit light from one edge of fiber cable to another edge. Optical fiber cable use the beam of light signals for transmitting data signals beyond of traditional electrical signals, whereas by twisted pair cables, electrical current is used for transferring data signals.


In this article, we will explain several applications and uses of fiber optic cable. At the end of this post, you will aware about their uses and applications.

Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

Here, we will explain several applications where fiber optic cables are used; below explain each one –

  • Computer Networking
  • Medical in Surgery and Dentistry
  • Decorations and Lighting System
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • TV Cables
  • Automotive Industry
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Remote Sensing

Used in Computer Networking

To connect multiple computers in a single building in the computer networking nearby structures becomes way much faster along with use of fiber optic cables. This cable helps to transfer huge file and any information quickly across networks.

Used in Medical in Surgery and Dentistry

Fiber optic cables are mostly used in the area of medicine as well as used in biomedical research and microscopy. Optical communication play vital role in the endoscopy like as non-intrusive surgical. In this technique, a small bright light is used to get light up surgery area internal the human body and it allows to decrease incisions’ number and size.

Fiber Optic cable is also used as imaging tools, light guide and also as laser for getting help to surgeries.

Used in Decorations and Lighting System

Fiber optic cable is the best option for using in lighting decorations and illuminating Christmas trees. It offers very easier, attractive, and affordable solution for lighting projects for celebrating some festivals, birthday parties.. So in the area of decorative lighting, use of fiber optics is getting more popularity over the years.

Used in Mechanical Inspections

Fiber optic cable can be also used into inspection of hard to reach areas like as on-site inspections, pipes, and other engineer work.

Fiber optic cable allows to detect any crack, damage, leakage fastest and easily in the plumbing system.

Used in TV Cables

Over many years, Optical fiber cables are mostly used in cable television due to their speed and price. Fiber optic cables are best solutions for using in high definition televisions, because it provides fastest speed with higher bandwidth. Fiber optic cables are cost effective option than copper wire.

Used in Automotive Industry

Fiber optic cables offer lighting and safety advantages of present day vehicle, and it is mostly used in lighting in both areas of vehicle in interior and exterior, because fiber optic cable is able to transmit signals in between all different parts of vehicle at fastest rate. And, fiber optic cable is very valuable in safety applications like as traction control and airbags. It has ability to conserve space and offer superior lighting.

Used in Military and Aerospace

Defense is very significant sector where fiber optic cables are used much extensively. Fiber optic cables have ability to transmit of data along with highly secured data in aerospace and military applications. At the present day, fiber optic cable gets to make sturdy and robust communication medium that helps to create wirings in aeroplanes, hydrophones for Seismic and SONARs purposes.

So, optical fiber cables are optimal solution for data transmission in these sectors.

Used in Internet

Fiber optic cables are capable to transmit data at very highly speed rate, so optical fiber communication technology is mostly used for Internet cabling. Fiber optic cables are very less bulky, more flexible and able to carry huge data compare to traditional copper wires.

Used in Telephone

To make call within domestic or internationally has never been so easy, but with the help of optical fiber communication technology, you are capable to make and receive call with clear conversations without getting any lag on either side.

Used in Remote Sensing

Fiber optic cables are widely used as sensor for measuring temperature, pressure, and strain. After modifying their fiber count, it provides you to modulate the phase, intensity, wavelength, and polarization of light in the fiber. Fiber optic cables are very helpful for using in sensing because it doesn’t need any electricity in a remote area. These cables are mostly used in such areas where high voltage or flammable materials are implemented.

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