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Computer Motherboard | Types | Function | Components

What is Motherboard Motherboard Definition – Here, We will define motherboard with simple term that is used in computer.  Motherboard is also known as different names (meaning) such as “Main…

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computer memory

Computer Memory – Primary | Secondary | Storage Devices

What is Computer Memory (Storage Device)? Computer Memory Definition  – Computer memory  is also known as “Computer Storage Device” help to store or saves of all important data such as…

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What is Computer Monitor | Types | Function | Use

What is Computer Monitor​ Computer Monitor Definition – Computer monitor works as an output device that device help to provide output in the form of graphically and text as well….

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What is Trackball and Their Function | Use

What is Trackball Trackball Definition – Users can be used a trackball with alternative to mouse. If you have not little bit space for placing the mouse then you has…

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computer mouse

What is Computer Mouse and their Types & Functions

What is Computer Mouse? Definition – Mouse is a pointing input device of computer. Mouse help to control cursor that is visible on the computer screen while moving the mouse…

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