Operating System Tutorial - Fully Explain About Operating System
functions and needs of operating system

Functions, Needs, Role of (OS) Operating System

Introduction and Role of Operating System Operating system plays the role likes as software component of computer system that is responsible for the management of all resources of computer system,…

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deadlock avoidance

Deadlock Avoidance Algorithms in OS (Operating System) – Must be Known

What is Deadlock Avoidance? Definition – Deadlock avoidance is the mostly used by several types of operating systems, but it is used mainly for end users. This concept is more…

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What is Deadlock in (OS) Operating System? Handling Methods | Example

Introduction of Deadlock in Operating System In the operating system, multiple resources are used by process in three different ways, such as –  Fire requests for resource Use this resource…

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Deadlock Prevention

Deadlock Prevention Algorithms (Techniques) in Operating System (OS)

What Deadlock Prevention It is very necessary to prevent deadlock in operating system before it can happen. So, system identifys every transaction before getting its execution, and ensures it doesn’t…

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Cache mapping techniques

Cache Memory Mapping Techniques, Direct Mapping| Set and Fully Associative Mapping

What is Cache Memory Mapping? Definition – All needed data is transferred from the primary memory to cache memory area, so it is known as “Cache Memory Mapping“. Mapping in…

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