soft computing

What is Soft Computing and Its Applications and Techniques?

What is Soft Computing?  Soft computing is an emerging approach to computing that gives the remarkable ability of the human mind to argue and learn in the atmosphere of uncertainty…

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mobile computing

Mobile Computing and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

Mobile Computing: Wireless communication Mobile Computing and its applications that is generic technology that refers to numerous devices that are supportable to access transmitted data likes voice , video and…

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Green Computing

Green Computing and its Advantages | Disadvantages | Examples

Green Computing:           Green Computing refers to durable computing of the environment. This reduces the use of electricity as well as power and reduces environmental waste…

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Android is a Best Mobile O/S and its Latest Android Version

Android :- Initially founded by Andy Rubin in October 2003 and Acquired by Google on August 17, 2005. It is a free Linux based platform and has an open software stack…

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