distributed operating system

Distributed Operating System Tutorial with their Types, Examples

What is Distributed Operating System Definition – In this article, we will fully explain distributed operating system. Distributed operating system allows distributing of entire systems on the couples of center…

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real time operating system

Real Time Operating System (RTOS), Examples, Applications, Functions

What is Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Definition – Here, we will explain real time operating system. Now RTOS is stands for “Real time operating system”, and it is also…

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batch processing operating system

Batch Processing Operating System – Advantage, Disadvantage, Examples

What is Batch Processing Operating System Definition – Batch processing system works as an operating system. Batch processing system means to grab all types of programs and data in the…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System

Explain Awesome Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System

Every types of Computers are lifeless without using the operating system because operating system allows the interface for interacting between the users and all software which are installed on the…

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purpose of the operating system

Purpose of The Operating System

Purpose of The Operating System Operating system works like as bridge in between hardware and software, and primary purpose of an operating system is manage all resources of hardware and…

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