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expert system

Components and Architecture of Expert System in Artificial Intelligence

Expert systems are a specialized type of knowledge-based system because they have heresy knowledge. This is the knowledge that comes directly from those who have worked for years within the…

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Advantages of embedded system

Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Embedded System

Before ready this article, you must be knows about full detail of Embedded System with their types and important example as well. So Click Here: Click Here – Embedded System…

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embedded system

What is Embedded System? Types, Examples, Applications

What is Embedded System Definition – Embedded system is also known as “Embedded Computer“. Embedded system is a combination of computer hardware circuitry and software programs, and then it delivers…

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Best Air Bike

Best Selling Air Bikes in India Why to Use Air Bike?   # Burn more calories and you can get loss weight in few days.   # Grow your metabolism.  …

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