How to Hide Cursor on Mac? Simple Hacks, You Can Try!!

How to Hide Cursor on Mac? Simple Hacks, You Can Try!!

In this post, we will explain you about how to hide cursor on Mac or Macbook with using incredible hacks. At the end, you will say that it is easier task and I can do it myself!!

how to hide cursor on Mac

When you are writing an email, reading any ebook, playing any online game or watching movie online or offline, then you are getting to distraction from your mouse cursor (pointer), because it create some conflictions while obscuring text, watching video and pokes in place where around it doesn’t need. So you have to decide hide mouse cursor in your Mac or Macbook.

How to Hide Cursor on Mac

In this section, we will guide you about all scenarios about how you can hide mouse cursor on Mac, Macbook pro, Macbook pro, macOS Big Sur and Catalina; below mentioned all:

Let’s start!!

Hide your Mouse Cursor as Temporarily

Mac allows to hide mouse pointer automatically as temporarily on many online video streaming services, media player apps, and ebook viewer when you get on full screen mode, because in these programs have this in-built feature for hiding cursor.

But several programs like as word processors, online gaming platforms, and  video recording applications are not getting this amazing feature, then Mac OS X lets you to disappear your mouse cursor when you are using these application on your Mac machine. Now you can hide mouse cursor or pointer by pressing <F8> key from on your keyboard, and again appear your pointer making right click or just move your mouse.

Hide Mouse Cursor Using Keyboard

You can also hide your mouse cursor with using keyboard shortcut hack pressing as once <Option + Control + K> keys from keyboard. The shortcut way is globally that means it can be executed in any app and it should not interfere along with anything.

If you get some confliction then you have to change this shortcut hack. Here’s how?

Go to app’s preference panel and press the <Set> button and then record new shortcut hack.

Once done it, to hide cursor and then second turn to unhide it. When you get to shake your mouse otherwise move it a bit and cursor also unhide. This feature is useful as per your need, so you can turn on or off it from this app’s preference.

Hide Mouse Cursor Using “Cursorcerer”

Here, if you want to hide mouse cursor on Mac then simply you have to need download & install Cursorcerer app. You can install as a preference in System Preferences app as well, now get download and run it as well.

how to hide cursor on Mac

Cursorcerer has one of best feature that it allows to automatically hide your mouse pointer after spending sometimes of inactivity. You can set interval time from Cursorcerer’s preferences. Its duration can be set in seconds and maximum interval time is 30 second. If you wish to never hide cursor automatically then you can also set.

In some scenarios where mouse cursor being appeared is not needed, it must be hide itself like as watching a video, presenting on your device or a paired/connected device/screen actually. If your mouse pointer is not getting to hide itself, this issue is occurred when OS not triggering this feature and this issue is presenting with this app.

How to fix it?

This issue is not particular to Mac, it also occurs on all desktops along with another operating system like as Windows 10. If you try to press comma otherwise full stop key from your keyboard then it will hide mouse cursor while watching video or offering a presentation. But this hack is not suitable for macOS then you require an app like as Cursorcerer.

Having few Tips and Warning

  • While hiding your mouse pointer doesn’t disable of your mouse’s left click otherwise right-click functions.
  • Before getting to hide my mouse pointer, move it away from any critical buttons to prevent inadvertently tapping on them.
  • Can be used gestures on your trackpad without appearing my mouse cursor.
  • Alternatively, you can use third party mouse utility to hide your mouse cursor like as Cursorcerer. It has ability to auto hide feature that helps to detect and hide idle mouse cursor as well.

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