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computer network

Tutorial: Basic of Computer Network, Introduction, What is, Uses, Advantages

What is Computer Network Introduction – Computer network means to connect multiple computer system with each other through physical medium (Cable or Wire) or wireless medium and this architecture is…

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page fault

Page Fault in OS (Operating System), What is Page Fault Handling

What is Page Fault If you want to know about page fault then you must be study about Virtual Memory then you can read this article. Virtual Memory in Operating System…

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Page Replacement Algorithms

Page Replacement Algorithms (Policies) in OS (operating System)

What is Page Replacement in Operating System Page Replacement Definition – Page replacement policies decides that which type of page should be replaced, but these page replacement strategies are implemented…

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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS (Operating System) | Demand Paging

What is Virtual Memory? Definition/ Meaning – Virtual memory  is storage container of operating system, and it allows to hardware and software of computer system to support for physical memory…

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cache memory

Cache Memory | Locality of Reference in Computer Organization and OS

What is Cache Memory Definition of Cache Memory – Cache memory is variant of DRAM (Dynamic RAM), and it is embedded into the CPU (processor) or between CPU and main memory…

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