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What is Expert System | Components | Applications | Advantages | Examples

What is Expert System

expert systemAn expert system is a computer program that imitates the judgment and behavior of a human or an organization that has expert knowledge and experience in a particular field. Generally, there is a knowledge base in this type of system in which there is an accumulated experience and there is a set of rules to base the basis of knowledge in each particular situation described for the program. Sophisticated specialist systems can be enhanced with a knowledge base or addition of rules set.

Expert systems are a specialized type of knowledge-based system because they have heresy knowledge. This is the knowledge that comes directly from those who have worked for years within the domain. It is knowledge gained from learning. This is the most useful type of knowledge, especially related to daily problems, which work for us by producing solutions, decisions and other positive results.

Components of Expert System

There are many components that are vital roles play in the structure of expert system, because every component have own importance in the heart of expert system.

  1. Knowledge-based management system
  2. Workplace
  3. Explanation facility
  4. Reasoning capacity
  5. Inference engine
  6. user interface

structure of expert

1. Knowledge-Based Management System:

This is similar to the database management system in an information system. Its main function Build knowledge base with knowledge and rules.

2. Workplace:

A work area or blackboard is a memory area used to describe the current problem And archiving intermediate results.

3. Explanation facility:

Most expert systems have an explanation facility. It tells you how the recommendations are Removed User can know how the expert system reached the solution, why some options Disclaimed, why was asked for some information, etc. The clarification feature answers these Questions by reference to system targets, data input and decision rules.For example, in the case of evaluation of loan proposal, the explanation of the expert system will be clarified on the facility inquiry Why an application was approved and why the other was rejected. In the case of a medical specialist System such as Mycin, this feature produces trust about the expert system and the user The solution provides this problem.

4. Reasoning capacity:

The expert system has the ability to analyze whether its solution failed or succeeded Methods to improve its solution.

5. Inference engine:

Intensive engine model works in the disassembly support system. this Manipulate a series of rules using forward chewing and backward chaining techniques. The following is a series of engine checking ahead… Then check the situation. based on A special solution is answered. In the techniques of backward chains, ingestion The engine starts with the target and checks if the conditions that go to that goal are present.

6. user interface:

The system provides an interface for users to interact with the system to generate solutions. This decision is similar to the communication feature in the support system. Artificial intelligence Technology tries to provide users with a natural language interface.

Types of Expert System

Diagnosis Expert System

Repair Expert System

Instruction Expert System

Interpretation Expert System

Prediction Expert System

Design and Planning Expert System

Monitoring and Control Expert System

Identification Expert System

Advantages of Expert System

There are many important benefits, features, and characteristics of expert system. All mention below such as

  1. Enhance dececious quality.
  2. Reduces the cost of consulting an expert for solving the problem.
  3. Provide a quick and efficient solution to a problem.
  4. Offers high reliability.
  5. It can tackle a very complex problem that is difficult for a human expert to solve.
  6. Gathers scare expertise and use it efficiently.
  7. Consistency – they provide consistent answers for repetitive decisions.
  8. The expert system is available 24/7 and is never on holiday or off sick when needed.
  9. The computer uses all the information it has, unlike a human expert who may forget and make mistakes.
  10. Capture expertise before it is lost.
  11. Reduce dependence upon one expert.
  12. Reduce/eliminate error and inconsistency.
  13. Allow non-experts to reach scientifically supportable conclusions.
  14. Knowledge sharing
  15. Automation and improve decisions.
  16. Dissemination expertise and normalization decisions.

Disadvantages of Expert System

There are some limitations of expert system in various areas such as

  • More expensive
  • More time
  • consumption
  • Not flexible
  • No having
  • common sense
  • Having more bugs in its programs
  • Not able to adapt to altering environments
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Having legal and ethical areas
  • More expensive in development area
  • Having narrow focus
  • Required ground verification
  • No capable to process for complex automation
  • Require updation manually
  • Development for specific domain

Expert System Applications

  1. Information management
  2. Hospitals and medical facilities
  3. Help desks management
  4. Employee performance evaluation
  5. Loan analysis
  6. Virus detection
  7. Useful for repair and maintenance projects
  8. Warehouse optimization
  9. Planning and scheduling
  10. The configuration of manufactured objects
  11. Financial decision making Knowledge publishing
  12. Process monitoring and control
  13. Supervise the operation of the plant and controller
  14. Stock market trading
  15. Airline scheduling & cargo schedules

Other Application Areas are:

  1. Telephone System Configurator
  2. Training Material & Product Selection
  3. Manufacturing Resource Planning
  4. Production Scheduling
  5. Service Networking
  6. Airline Scheduling
  7. Cost/Benefit Analysis
  8. Planning Implementation
  9. Career Development
  10. Quick Proposal Estimating
  11. Credit Control
  12. Product Development
  13. Telephone Call Screening
  14. Real Estate Market & Mortgage Credit Analysis

Examples of Expert Systems









DELTA – locomotive engineering

Drilling Advisor – oilfield prospecting

ExperTax – tax minimization advice

XSEL – computer sales

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