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What is Mobile Computing:

mobile computing

Wireless communication Mobile Computing and its applications that are generic technology that refers to numerous devices that are supportable to access transmitted data like voice, video, and text any time and any where over the wireless network infrastructure and in which to include mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software and this react as human-computer interaction. Cause of these has improved the quality of our lives.

Mobile :

The mobile phone is an electronic wireless device that permits users to make and receive calls and send text messages with other devices. The oldest generation of mobile phones can only make and receive calls. However, today’s mobile phones, web browsers, games, cameras, video players, and even navigation systems have been packed with many additional features.

Mobile Computing Applications are:

1. Traffic:
During traveling in traffic if we require to know road situation, latest news and when if feel more stress in driving then can play music and other important broadcast data are received through digital audio broadcasting(DAB). If we forget the road then we can know our exact location with the help of global positioning system (GPS).In case if got accident then can to inform police and ambulance via an emergency call to the service provider, which help to improve organization and save time & money.

2. Emergencies Situation:

To play a vital role in the medical sector can hire an ambulance with great quality wireless connection and help of this can carry significant information about injured persons. The useful step can prepare for a particular accident and doctor can be consulted for diagnosis. Only Wireless networks work of communication in nature disaster2 such as earthquakes, tsunami, flood, and fire. In worst conditions only decentralized, wireless ad-hoc networks survive. Means that can handle Emergencies situation by mobile computing easily.

3. Use in Business:

As per business point of view CEO help of this computing system can represent the presentation at the front of their clients while can access hot news of the market. Help of video conference could be discuss at the topic without hindrance any time. Another side if traveling salesman wants to access the company database as per requirement then can be retrieved data on his wireless device and maintain the consistency company’s database. Cause of these every employee are updated up to date.

4. Credit Card Verification:

Credit card verification using this computing most secure. In respect of Sale terminals(POS) when customer buy items in malls and other small shops when and pay bill in the form of swap credit card for transactions then need to establish network in between POS terminal and bank central computer then over protected cellular network verify the credential information of card fastly, if match it then proceed further otherwise denied get boost up speed of transaction process and relieve the burden at the POS network.

5. Replacement of Fixed Networks:

Wired network has been replaced in wireless network e.g. trade shows, remote sensors and historical buildings. in wired networks, weather forecasting, earthquake detection and to get environmental data are impossible. This is possible only in adapting the replacement of fixed networks in this computing.

6. Infotainment:

Wireless networks are capable to deliver the latest information at any suitable regions and can download knowledge about concert at morning through wireless network that concert is conducting in any region as well as Another growing field of wireless network applications lies in entertainment and games to enable, e.g., ad-hoc gaming networks as soon as people meet to play together. So Infotainment by wireless computing is more easy.

Advantage of Mobile Computing :

1. Increasing productivity –  Mobile devices can be used in the field of various instruments, so reducing time and cost for customers and themselves.

2. Entertainment – For entertainment purposes, mobile devices can be used for both people and customers for personal and even presentations.

3. Portability – The main advantages of this, you are not bound to one Zone . It help to access any wireless devices without place boundation.

4. Cloud Computing – This service is available to save documents on online servers and whenever you make a connection to the Internet, they are able to access them at any time and anywhere and these files can be used for many mobile devices or even That can also access on PC.

Disadvantage of Mobile Computing :

  • Battery consumption hindrance
  • Interference is persisted in shielding.
  • Inefficient bandwidth in transmission.
  • Connection losses over entithe re network.
  • Network stability.
  • Interoperability problem.
  • Protection constraints.

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