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What is Modem: Types, Function, Uses, Purpose | Modem Full Form

What is Modem Definition: MODEM full form is “Modulator-Demodulator” that means it has ability to modulates and demodulates analog carrier signals for encoding and decoding digital data for executing. Modem…

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer network

Advantages, Disadvantages, Features, and Benefits of Computer Network

Before going to ahead of this post, you must be known about some fundamental of computer network, such as What is Computer Network? Uses of Computer Network Goals and Applications…

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Network Interface Card

Network Interface Card (NIC): Definition, Types, Functions, Working, Examples

What is Network Interface Card Definition: Network interface card is a hardware component (circuit board) that is installed in the computer system. It helps to make connection with different types…

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Importance of Computer Network

Introduction of Computer Network | Needs and Importance of Computer Network

Introduction Computer Network Overview: Computer network means to connect multiple computer system with each other through physical medium (Cable or Wire) or wireless medium and this architecture is known as…

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network hub

What is Hub in Network: Types, Working, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Network Hub Definition: The hub is used in the networking for making connection with multiple devices over the network. So it is known as “Network Hub“. It helps…

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