12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercomputer in Detail!

12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercomputer in Detail!

In this blog post, we will be covering about 12 advantages and disadvantages of supercomputer | pros and cons of supercomputer. Through this post, you will educate about Drawbacks and Benefits of using supercomputer without any hassle.

Supercomputers have a huge performance compare to other using general purpose computer because its architectural and operational model depend on the parallel and grid processing. Primary motive to design of supercomputer was to be used in large scale organizations where need more computing power.


Supercomputer has a power to execute many processes simultaneously on thousands of processors, because these types of processors can execute billions and trillion of instructions per seconds, so its computing performance matrix is FLOPS (that is floating-point operations per second). So these types of supercomputers are more expensive they can 5 lakh dollars to 200 million dollars.

Advantages of Supercomputer

We will discuss about various pros and benefits of Supercomputer and advantages as well.

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Enhance your Protection:

This supercomputer can easily decrypt your password for your security purpose.

Not More Expensive According to Work:

More organizations use this computer as part time, because supercomputer is able to perform big task in few times.

Higher Processing Speed:

A supercomputer takes the lesser time to process any tasks; hence they are also able to sort out any calculation in less time duration. If we make the comparison with normal computer, so this processing rate is 100-1000x lesser that means single task takes many hours to finish; whereas a supercomputer can complete this task with in a fraction of second.

Implement in Filming for Doing Complex Tasks:

The supercomputer has superb power of rending the animation in excellent result.

Virtual Testing:

Supercomputer allow us to virtual testing for nuclear weapons and other dangerous medical testing, because these types of testing more harmful for environment if implement this on real time testing.

Password Decryption:

A supercomputer has fastest speed so it is able to guess any password a fraction of time. It can also decrypt any password that is using in a computer otherwise any other embedded devices.

Other Advantages Are:

  • Not more processing tome
  • Protect to environment
  • Used for R&D
  • Advance Graphic capability
  • It is used for R&D.
  • Having advance graphic ability

Disadvantages of Supercomputer

A supercomputer has many drawbacks while using it, so you should be known about its several disadvantages of supercomputer; below shown all, you can check them:

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Consume More Electricity:

The supercomputer needs higher electricity to perform their tasks, a supercomputer like as Summit can use energy equal to 5000 houses. Approximately, a supercomputer needs about 4 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

Large in Physical Size:

Supercomputers need a lot of space for installing because it is big in physically size. For example: Summit supercomputer usually acquires more than 5600 square feet of area

Produce More Heat:

The supercomputer is assembled along with enlarge number of processor, which can produce much more heat during executing their operations. While generating more heat, most of devices get damaged before its time. For avoiding this problem, a proper cooling system is needed for installing. It is also suggested to use the room air conditioned.

Needed Skilled Staff:

For going to maintenance of a supercomputer, it needs well trained person because an ordinary computer expert is unable to operate this supercomputer.

Sufficient Storage Space:

It is using the supercomputer with being full capacity, then you should be required the sufficient storage space. All data that is arisen will be accommodated by the storage drive. So, it should be massive enough to keep store all data. Without going to enough space, a supercomputer is not able to perform any calculation.

Other Disadvantages of Supercomputer:

  • More Expensive
  • Need more space for setup
  • Not useful for broad applications
  • Not able to replace physical testing
  • Need well trained staff
  • Required more maintenance
  • Need massive external storage for huge data
  • High power requirements
  • Need water cooling in addition to an A/C system, because supercomputer produces more heat during processing time.
  • Sometimes, the bandwidth of data is not able to get synchronize with the hard drive storage, then its processing’s speed is interrupted.

The Bottom Lines

Now make ensure that you have been fully learnt about many advantages and disadvantages of supercomputer | pros and cons of supercomputer with ease. If this post is giving value you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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