AI Content Optimization Strategies to Outrank Competitors!!

AI Content Optimization Strategies to Outrank Competitors!!

The way you write your SEO content is one thing, and the way you optimize it is another. Writing content alone cannot get you into the high ranks. You have to optimize it and deck it out with the right SEO best practices.

AI Content Optimization Strategies

During this process, you can (and should) take the help of AI-driven tools and software. With the help of these, you will be able to get a lot done in very little time.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use AI to optimize your content and outrank your competitors in the SERPs.

AI Content Optimization

Removing Grammar Errors with Online AI Grammar Checkers

Now, arguably, it may not be the best idea to start off this discussion with grammar and grammar checkers. Why? Because Google (one of the most used search engines) does not favor sites depending on the grammatical perfection of their content.

But there are other things that do hinge on grammatical perfection – which is why it is one of the most important steps of the whole optimization process.


For one,

A) Grammatical perfection leads to reader satisfaction, which subsequently helps in retaining and growing the readership.

B) Plus, even if Google does not favor websites based on grammar, there are other search engines that do. Bing is one such SE that prefers websites with grammatically coherent content.

Considering the above, it’s somewhat understandable why we’ve opted to mention this point in the first place.

Coming back to the point…

Online grammar checkers have been around for a long time. But nowadays, we’re getting some new advanced ones, and the old ones are also getting better and better. Now that AI is everywhere, grammar checkers also apply them in their working to detect errors more smartly.

So, the first strategy on our list? Use AI for grammar perfection. There are two benefits you can get out of it:

A) Firstly, your content quality can improve, which can lead you to get a better reputation in front of your human readers.

B) Secondly, the SEs that do favor grammatical perfection will push your rankings higher.

C) And thirdly, you will be able to learn from the mistakes you make and avoid them in the future.

As for which AI grammar checkers you should use, we personally recommend Grammar Check and Grammarly. They’re both available for free, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Improving Content Clarity with AI Paraphrasers

The next thing that we’re going to be talking about is improving content clarity with AI paraphrasing tools. Removing clunky text and improving clarity/readability is another major step in the content optimization process.

Nowadays, there is a lot of hype and talk about ChatGPT and everything. They can create content for you. Yay.

But there are, of course, a lot of limitations to using tools like ChatGPT.

AI Content Optimizationg

For one, there is no human element in the content they churn out. Even if you ask them to sound human by using an accent or something, they still lack the human element.

The solution? Writing content yourself, of course.

But then, another problem arises. While the human element gets there, the smoothness and clarity go away.

The clunky and “unflowy” nature of your content can be harmful to your SERP rankings. If there is too much “clunk” in your content, it may not be able to show itself as helpful to the SE. Similarly, human readers may not be very inclined to read it as well. Both of these factors can collectively make your ranking plummet.

To get the best of both worlds, i.e., the perfection of AI and the human element, you use paraphrasing tools.

Here is how it works.

  1. You write your content yourself.
  2. Then, you pick a paraphrasing tool.
  3. You chuck your content in said tool.
  4. And you paraphrase it.

When the results come out, they won’t be clunky or difficult to read. They’ll be nice and smooth.

TLDR: Paraphrasing tools – the ones based on AI – can be a great help in making content readable and clear.

But this is, of course, dependent on the fact that you pick a good tool to begin with. We recommend using Rephrase because it works smartly and is available for free.

Checking for Plagiarism Using AI Plagiarism Checkers

As you may have gleaned from the above, AI has augmented and enhanced different online tools – grammar checkers and paraphrasers being the cases in point.

Just as AI has improved these tools, it has done the same to plagiarism checkers.

Before we get on to talking about plagiarism checkers and all, let’s first understand this all from the optimization perspective.

AI Content Optimization Strategies

Finding and eliminating plagiarism is one of the most important steps in the content optimization process. Plagiarism has a lot of consequences for site rankings. They can actually draw a search engine penalty and get your website bumped down to the nth page of the SERPs. And obviously, you can’t compete with your competitors if you are sitting there.

Plagiarism can also cause you trouble with your readers/audience. If they somehow learn about your plagiarizing habits, they’ll just jump ship. No one wants to read plagiarized content, and no one wants to support anyone who does it.

Now let’s get back to the main point…plagiarism checkers.

AI plagiarism checkers are basically better than their non-AI counterparts because they can look for plagiarism more cleverly. They can find bits of text that are paraphrased from an existing source. They can understand the semantics of the text and ignore commonly used sentences, etc.

The benefit of using AI plagiarism checkers is that you get your content checked more accurately. You won’t have to worry about plagiarism sneaking by and getting published with the final draft.

If you are looking for such a tool, you can try out Check-Plagiarism. It’s a popular one, and it does utilize AI in its algorithms.


Using AI in the right measure can help you reach better rankings and outdo your competitors. We did cover three major aspects of content optimization in the post above, but you should look for any other improvements that you can make on your own as well.

The only that we proffer in this regard is not to rely completely on AI and the tools run by it.

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