Batch Processing Operating System - Advantage, Disadvantage, Examples

Batch Processing Operating System – Advantage, Disadvantage, Examples

What is Batch Processing Operating System

Definition – Batch processing system works as an operating system. Batch processing system means to grab all types of programs and data in the batch form then proceed to process. Main motive of using batch processing system is to decrease the set up time while submitting the similar jobs to CPU.

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Batch processing techniques was implemented in the hard disk and card readers as well. In this, all jobs are saved on the hard disk for making the pool of jobs for their execution as a batch form. Batch monitor is started for executing all pooled jobs, after reading them. These jobs are divided into groups, and finally precede same jobs to similar batch. Now all batched jobs are ready to execution one by one without wasting more time, and due to this system enhance the system utilization while decrease the turnaround time.

Diagram of Batch Processing Operating System

Batch processing operating sysem


All jobs are executed in the “First Come First Serve” nature.

When job is completed its processing, then its memory is free and result for job get copied as a output spool for further printing otherwise processing.

Advantages of Batch Processing Operating System

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Here, we will discuss about  various benefits and characteristics such as:

  • In batch system all jobs are performed in repeating form without user’s permission.
  • Small scale business can use batch processing system for executing small tasks to their benefits.
  • For giving rest to system’s processors, your batch system is capable to work in off-line mode.
  • Batch processing system consumes less time for executing the all jobs.
  • Batch system is shareable nature, so it can be shared for couples of users, if needed. 
  • When batch processing system executes their jobs then its idle time is very low.
  • Batch processing system has more capable to handle huge repeated task smoothly.

Disadvantages Batch Processing Operating System

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There are various limitations of batch processing operating system, describe below

  • Provide well education to computer handler for operating the batch processing system.
  • It takes more time for debugging the batch processing system.
  • Some time it may be more costly.
  • It has more turnaround time.
  • It has Non linear behavior.
  • Model inaccuracies.
  • Batch processing system’s online sensors is often not available.
  • Include constrained operation.
  • Unmeasured disturbances.
  • Irreversible behavior.
  • Time-varying process characteristics.
  • If any one job halts, then increase workload for predicting time.
  • Due to any mistake, any job can enter into infinite loop.
  • If your protection system is not well then, any one job can affect pending jobs.

Examples of Batch Processing Operating System

  • Payroll System
  • Bank Invoice System
  • Transactions Process
  • Daily Report
  • Research Segment
  • Billing System

Payroll System

Batch processing system is more suitable to payroll, because batch system is very useful for calculating the salaries of all employees in the end of month.

Bank Invoice System

Every end of the month, all banks makes the monthly statement for all account holders. So, by using batch processing system, produce all monthly statements of all bank’s clients.

Transactions Process

In the bank sectors, use batch system for every transactions process, and mostly implement the international money transfers system.

Daily Report

In the manufacturer industries, every day need operational statement for production line. Here use the batch system for generating the daily report for maintaining the records.

Researching Segment

Every researcher needs the high scalable performance computing system for submitting the all batch systems.

Billing System

Every telecom operators organizations uses the batch system for processing the all millions call detail records including calculate rates.

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