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Advantages and Disadvantages of Client Server Network

What is Client Server Network? Advantages, Disadvantages, & Examples!!

A client server network is communication concept where many client programs are always ready to share the services of a common server program. Now, here we will cover all things…

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What is POP3 (Post Office Protocol)? POP3 Full Form | Advantages & Disadvantages

POP means ‘Post Office Protocol’; it is an application layer internet standard protocol that is going to use by email client to get access email from the mail server, and…

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smtp protocol

What is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)? Examples & Working with Commands!!

SMTP stands for ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’; it is an email protocol that is going to use for sending email messages from one email account to another through the internet….

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Coaxial cable

What is Coaxial Cable: Diagram, Uses and Types of Coaxial Cable!!

In this post, we will explain all possible things related about What is coaxial cable in Networking with its diagram, uses, applications; and involving different types of coaxial cable as…

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utp cable

UTP Cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair): Diagram, Types, Uses, Advantages

What is UTP Cable in Networking Definition: UTP stands for “Unshielded Twisted Pair” cable, and it contains 100 ohm copper cable that has 2 to 1800 unshielded twisted pairs surrounded…

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multimode fiber

Multimode Fiber Cable: Types, Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Multi Mode Fiber Definition: Multimode fiber is also called the “Multi-Mode Optical Fiber“, and it is especial type of optical fiber that is designed for carrying multiple light…

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Single Mode Fiber Cable

Single Mode Fiber Cable: Types, Applications, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Single Mode Fiber Definition: Single mode fiber is also called the “Single-mode optical fiber, Uni-mode fiber, Mono-mode optical fiber and Single-mode optical waveguide.” Single mode fiber is a…

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fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic Cable with Diagram | Types of Fiber Optic Cable with their Uses

What is Fiber Optic Cable Definition: Fiber optic cable is also called the “Optical Fiber Cable“, and it is simply Ethernet networking cable that contains the multiple optic fibers, and…

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What is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): Working and Functions of TCP

What is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Definition: TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol“, and it is a communication standard that helps to enables of application programs as well as exchanging…

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network switch

What is Network Switch: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses, Working

What is Switch in Computer Network Definition: A switch is wired network hardware device that performs all tasks at the data link layer of OSI model, and it also allows…

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