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What is Laser Printer: Types, Examples, Uses, Applications

What is Laser Printer Definition: Laser printer uses the laser and electrical charge model beyond of the traditional printing like as ink onto the paper. Laser printer resolutions is 600…

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computer ports

Computer Ports Names: 25 Types of Computer Ports, Functions, Examples

What is Computer Port Definition: A port is a physical docking point that is embedded on the computer system to make connection with external or peripheral terminals to the PC….

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computer storage devices

What is Storage Devices: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

What is Storage Device A storage device is also known as the “Storage Medium, Storage Media or Digital Storage“. Definition: Storage device is a computer hardware component that helps to…

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Processing devices of computer

Processing Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

What is Processing Device Definition: The processing device is the computer’s hardware component that helps to handle the storage and retrieval of the information. In the Computer, processing devices play…

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output devices of computer

Output Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

In this article, we will explain different output devices of Computer and how they help you. What is Output Device Definition: Output device is a hardware component that is used…

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