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What is Light Pen in computer

What is Light Pen? Uses, Types | Light Pen Input or Output Device

Hello Friend! Today, we are going to cover all possible things about what is light pen of computer with complete guide; involving with their functions, how it work, uses, types…

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multicore processor

Multi Core Processor: Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples, & Application

Multi-core processor is an integrated circuit that contains more than two processor cores linked for getting to enhance performance and decrease the power consumption. So, now will explore about what…

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Dual core processors

What is Dual Core Processor? Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples!!

A dual core processor is a technology that integrated with two complete processing units to run in parallel on a single chip. Now, here we will explore about what is…

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what is dram

What is DRAM (Dynamic RAM)? Examples, and Types of DRAM!!

Dynamic RAM is a kind of random access semiconductor memory that allows to keep store every bit of data into memory cell; it is usually containing of a tiny capacitor…

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Uses of Projector

20 Uses of Projector and Applications – You Never Knew

Hi Learners! Today, we are going to cover about 20+ uses of projector and their applications in different domain with ease. This is ultimate article over the internet; we make…

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What is Digital Computer

What is Digital Computer? Block Diagram of Digital Computer with Components!!

In this article, we will explain all possible stuffs about what is digital computer; as well as block diagram of digital computer with its components and their functions with ease….

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different types of projector

20 Types of Projector with Advantages and Disadvantages

Hello Friends! Today, we will cover about different types of projector with each designed for specific uses and environments with ease. This is unique article over the Internet; at the…

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advantages of supercomputer

12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Supercomputer in Detail

In this blog post, we will be covering about 12 advantages and disadvantages of supercomputer | pros and cons of supercomputer. Through this post, you will educate about Drawbacks and…

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Microprocessor: Types, Applications, Examples, Functions, History, & Evolution

In this article, we are going to explain in detail about What is Microprocessor and its types, examples, functions and applications; as well as involving with history and evolution of…

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What is Touchpad? Function, Advantages, & Uses of Touchpad!

A touchpad is an input pointing device that is going to use to move the cursor and perform other functionalities on your computer. So, here we will cover all possible…

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