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hybrid computer

Hybrid Computer: Examples, Types, Uses, Advantages, & Disadvantages!

In this article, we will explore you all possible stuffs about what is hybrid Computer and its examples, types, use; with involving advantages and disadvantages of hybrid computer with ease….

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Micro computer: Examples, Types, Uses, Features, & Advantages!

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to reveal all possible things about what is microcomputer and its examples, types, uses, characteristics, and features; involving with many advantages and disadvantages of…

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magnetic storage

Magnetic Storage Devices: Examples and Types | Advantages & Disadvantages

Magnetic storage devices always use the magnetization process to write, rewrite, and get access data. Therefore, here we will explore you about what are magnetic storage devices and its examples…

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computer storage devices

Storage Devices: Examples, Functions, Uses, & Types of Storage Devices!!

Hi Learner! In this post, we will explain you all possible things about what are storage devices and its examples, functions, and uses; involving with types of storage devices with…

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Mainframe Computer: Example, Types, Uses, Features , & Functions!

Mainframe computer is ultra-performance system that containing enlarge amount of memory and higher processors that help to process trillion instructions and transactions in the real time. Now. here we are…

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quad core processor

Quad Core processor: Means, Examples, Benefits, & Disadvantages!!

Quad core processor is a single chip along with four independently units known as cores that help to read and execute the all CPU’s instructions like as move data, add…

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what is sound card

What is Sound Card? Function, Types, Uses & How Does it Work!

What is Sound Card? Sound card is also known as ‘Audio Adapter’ or ‘Audio Card’ or ‘Sound Board’. A sound card is a hardware component as rectangular shape that having…

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Advantages of Chromebook

35 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebook | Pros and Cons

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to reveal all possible things about what are advantages and disadvantages of Chromebook; as well as involving with pros and cons of Chromebook with…

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functions of ram

Function of RAM | Working of RAM Architecture & Structure with Diagram

In this blog post, we are going to cover all possible things about function of RAM (Random Access Memory); as well as working of RAM and its architecture and structure…

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