Operating System Tutorial - Fully Explain About Operating System
page fault

What is Page Fault in OS (Operating System) | Page Fault Handling in OS

Page Fault in OS If you want to know about page fault in OS then you must be study about Virtual Memory then you can read this article. Virtual Memory…

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Page Replacement Algorithms

Page Replacement Algorithms in OS | Page Replacement Policy in OS

What is Page Replacement in Operating System Page Replacement Definition – Page replacement policies decides that which type of page should be replaced, but these page replacement strategies are implemented…

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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS (Operating System): Examples, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Virtual Memory Definition/ Meaning – Virtual memory is large secondary memory of operating system, and it allows to hardware and software of computer system to support for physical…

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cache memory

Locality of Reference in OS (Operating System) | Cache Memory in OS

What is Cache Memory Definition of Cache Memory – Cache memory is variant of DRAM (Dynamic RAM), and it is embedded into the CPU (processor) or between CPU and main memory…

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network operating system

Network Operating System (NOS): Examples, Types and Components!!

What is Network Operating System Definition – Network operating system is like as software that is installed on the server side on the network infrastructure. Network operating system provides the…

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Multitasking Operating System

Multitasking Operating System? Examples, Types, Advantages

Multitasking in Operating System (OS) Definition – Multitasking operating system provides the interface for executing the multiple program tasks by single user at a same time on the one computer…

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Multi user operating system

Multi User Operating System OS? Types, Examples and Advantages!!

What is Multi user Operating System Definition – A multi user operating system allows to permission of multiple users for accessing the single machine at a time. All different users…

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Single User Operating System with Examples: Complete Guide!!

What is Single User Operating System Definition – Single user operating system is also known as “Single Tasking Operating System”, and single user operating system is designed specially for using…

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Multiprocessor Operating System

Multiprocessor Operating System: Examples, Types, Advantages, Feature!!

What is Multiprocessor Operating System Definition – Multiprocessor operating system allows the multiple processors, and these processors are connected with physical memory, computer buses, clocks, and peripheral devices. Main objective of…

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distributed operating system

Distributed Operating System: Examples, Types, Advantages, Features!!

What is Distributed Operating System Definition – In this article, we will fully explain distributed operating system. Distributed operating system allows distributing of entire systems on the couples of center…

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