Operating System Tutorial - Fully Explain About Operating System
time sharing operating system

Time Sharing Operating System: Examples, Advantages, & Disadvantages!!

Hi Learners! Here, we are going to cover all possible things about what is time sharing operating system and its example, features; involving with many advantages and disadvantages of time…

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Single User Operating System: Examples, Advantages, & Disadvantages!

Hi Learners! Here you will learn about what is single user operating system and its examples, types, features; involving with advantages and disadvantages of single user OS with ease. This…

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batch processing operating system

Batch Processing Operating System: Examples, Advantage, & Disadvantage!!

Hi Learners! Here, we will explain about what is batch processing operating system and its examples; as well as advantages and disadvantages of batch processing operating system with ease. This…

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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS: Examples, Types, Uses | How Does it Work?

Hi Learner! Here, we are going to explain in detail about what is virtual memory in OS and its examples, types, and uses; and involving with how virtual memory works…

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page fault

Page Fault in OS (Operating System) | Page Fault Handling in OS

Hi guys! Here, we are going to explain about What is Page Fault in OS; and involving of Page Fault handling in OS with ease. This is unique article over…

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operating system

What is Operating System and Its Types, Uses, Examples, & Applications!!

In this article, we are going to explain in detail about what is operating system and its types, uses, examples and applications of operating system with ease. This is unique…

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Multitasking Operating System

Multitasking Operating System? Examples, Types, & Advantages!

In this blog post, we are going to explain all possible stuffs about what is multitasking operating system and its examples, types, involving many advantages and disadvantages of multitasking OS…

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Multiprogramming operating system

Multiprogramming Operating System: Examples, Types, and Advantage!

What is Multiprogramming OS Definition: Multiprogramming operating system has ability to execute multiple programs with using of only one processor machine. In multi programming operating system, if single program gets…

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Demand Paging

Demand Paging in OS (Operating System): Example, Advantages, Working

What is Demand Paging in OS Definition: Demand paging is a process of swapping in the Virtual Memory system. In this process, all data is not moved from hard drive…

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Advantages of Virtual Memory

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Memory | Characteristics & Features

Virtual memory is a technique of operating system that utilizes the software and hardware to get compensate for shortage of physical memory. So, you also should be known about various…

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