Operating System Tutorial - Fully Explain About Operating System
virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS: Example, Types, and Uses | How Does it Work?

Hi Learner! Here, we are going to explain in detail about what is virtual memory in OS and its examples, types, and uses; and involving with how virtual memory works…

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deadlock avoidance

Deadlock Avoidance in OS | Deadlock Avoidance Algorithm in OS with Example

Deadlock Avoidance is a process that is going to use by operating system to check whether the system is existing in a safe mode or in an unsafe mode. Therefore,…

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Demand Paging

Demand Paging in OS (Operating System): Example, Advantages, & Working!!

Demand paging is a process where data is transferred from secondary memory to main memory as per the demand that means all data is not saved into primary memory (RAM)…

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Multiprocessor Operating System

Multiprocessor Operating System: Examples, Types, Advantages, & Feature!

Multiprocessor operating system is special operating system that is used to boost up the performance of multiple CPUs along with a single computer system. So, here you will learn about…

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