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application server

What is Application Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Advantages

What is Application Server with Diagram Definition: An application server is a special type of server that allows both web apps development and server environment for running them.Application server is…

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What is Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions, and Uses

What is Server in Networking Definition – Server means highly performing computer machine that helps to deliver many resources, data, or services to another remotely machine, called as the “Client”…

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types of mobile computing

Types of Mobile Computing | Examples of Mobile Computing Devices

Before reading this post, you must be known about What is Mobile Computing with their applications, advantages, and disadvantages. I hope that you have been read completely study of Mobile…

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What is Middleware? Architecture, Types, Examples, Applications

What is Middleware Definition – Middleware is a more effective program that acts as bridge in between various applications and other databases otherwise tools. It is placed in between operating…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Client-Server Architecture

Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Client Server Architecture

Before reading this article, you must be known about full knowledge of Client-Server Architecture with their types. So Click Here –  Read More – What is Client-Server Architecture and Types?…

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