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How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Early 2023? Easy Tricks!

Yes, HEIC is indicated as the new photo format that released by Apple Systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac since iOS 11. This clearly indicates that the photos that took using iOS devices will be saved as HEIC files. On the other handy, PDF is universally accepted file format that taken into account to store text, image, and certain other elements while maintaining the formatting. But, the time comes when you need to save HEIC as PDF document format, and there you need to use HEIC to PDF converter. 

Did You Know!

However, HEIC is not friendly format to different platforms including Android or Windows. This is the reason why you people need to turn HEIC into PDF document format. Once you converted HEIC Apple photo to PDF, you can be able to open or access it anywhere you want. And, humble thanks to the online HEIC to PDF converter by theonlineconverter that lets you convert one or multiple HEIC files to PDF at once without any quality loss, even for free of cost. 

Aiseesoft Free Online HEIC Converter:

This is indicated as the one of the best HEIC converter sources that lets you convert HEIC to PDF document without installing additional program. 

Takes couple of seconds to convert HEIC images online

  • Allow you to proceed with batch conversions, it lets you proceed with up to 10 HEIC images per day
  • Totally free to use converter sources, no payment or registration required
  • Supports all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and more

How to Convert HEIC to PDF Online using Aiseesoft?

  • Simply navigate to this HEIC Converter from your browser and make a click on the Add HEIC/HEIF Files button that allow you to upload your Apple HEIC files. The upside is that this tool supports drag and drop as well
  • After uploading, this web-based application with commence conversion from HEIC file to PDF
  • Once it done, just click on the Download button to save HEIC as PDF document format
  • Finally, you simply have to open the images in Word and turn HEIC into PDF swiftly


It is one of the best web-dependent applications that offers free online HEIC to PDF converter to save HEIC as PDF directly. You can use HEIC file to PDF converter by Zamzar and see how easily it turn HEIC into PDF online:

  • At first, navigate to the Zamzar HEIC to PDF converter using your browser
  • Then, make a click on the Add Files button to simply upload a HEIC image. You can find that it can process more than 5 images, but less than 50 MB per time
  • At this point, you should make sure that you selected PDF from the given format drop-down menu, and hit the Convert Now button. Also, it can send the result to your given Email once done
  • Lastly, you can be able to save the PDF document file by simply clicking on the Download button. You can find that this online HEIC converter will takes couple of seconds to export HEIC as PDF online and you should be patient


If you’re seeking for a reliable and swift way to save JFIF as PDF online, then theonlineconverter is the ultimate source for you. Get its HEIC to PDF converter and let it make PDF document file form HEIC Apple photo format. The upside about this online converter service is that it does not compromise while turning JFIF into PDF and other file formats. Besides from image conversion, it supports transformation for document, video, audio, and more file types. 

How to Convert HEIC to PDF Online using theonlineconverter?

  • Navigate to this website and open its HEIC to PDF converter
  • Then, add HEIC Apple photos into the main toolbox
  • Once uploaded, click on the Convert button
  • Lastly, hit the Download Zip button to save all the converted PDF files at once


HEIC is native photo format for MAC, so it is quite handy to open and view these photos. However, Preview is indicated as the built-in photo editor that is high capable to convert HEIC Apple photo to PDF on Mac.

  • At first, Open the Finder app, find the HEIC Apple photo which you require to convert to PDF, and make a double-click on it. Be default, it will swiftly open in Preview app
  • Now, you can be able to edit the images as you wish
  • Then, navigate to the File menu from the given top ribbon and choose the Export as PDF. Very next, you ought to choose a directory and make a click Save to convert HEIC to PDF on Mac

Batch Conversions From HEIC Photo to PDF on Mac:

  • You simply need to put HEIC photos to convert in a single folder, choose all of them, make a right-click on one of them, then simply choose Open With and select Preview
  • Now, navigate further by pressing the Shift key from your keyboard and choose all HEIC Photos in the Preview app
  • Very next, you need to move to the File menu and choose the Export Selected Images. Then, you need to decide the destination folder and make a hit on the Options button to fetch the options
  • Then, you need to make a click and expand the Format drop-down list, and choose PDF. Now, you simply need to move the slider of Quality until you attain the proper File Size. Very next, hit the Choose button to save HEIC as PDF on mac in batches. You’ll find that the Preview will show you a progress as a indicator bar. Once all done, you will get the Adobe PDF document files in the chosen location


Thankfully, you familiarized with the term how to convert HEIC Apple Photos to PDF files. No matter what Operating Systems (OS) and devices you’re using one, the outlined ways will permits you to convert HEIC to PDF without losing the original quality of the images. In simple terms, by using these conversion sources, saving HEIC Apple photos as an editable PDF documents is not a longer issue.

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