How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV? Should be Known

A lot of people who are famous are getting HIV. Some of them come out and share it with the entire world. There are celebrities suffering from HIV, but they are still living their normal lives by keeping the virus in balance.

Likewise, Magic Johnson, who is a great NBA legend, was diagnosed with HIV. He was the most cherished and famous NBA player. In fact, it is one of the reasons why the entire world was in shock after hearing that Magic Johnson had HIV in 1991. Despite the disease, he turns out to be the best in the NBA.

The unprotected sex of heterosexuals was the source of Magic Johnson’s HIV infection. although HIV diseases were thought to be only found in gays and drug addicts in the 1990s. Magic Johnson obtained it through unprotected heterosexual sex, which was unusual in the world.

The overall impact of the Magic Johnson announcement was huge. One of the doctors, DR. Marsha Martin, who is an expert on HIV, said, “The public at large learned something, and the black folks learned something.” You can live with this, and you also don’t have to discuss the how, when, and why. That’s not what’s important. “What’s important is that you can be tested and treated.” “And if you do your best, try to be as healthy as you can, take your medicines, do your exercise, eat properly, and have the support of your family, you can make it.”

Johnson got HIV from uninfected heterosexual contact. He was traveling to Utah for a game when he received a call from his doctors. They told him to come back immediately. Upon hearing the news, he thought he was going to die. Although thanks to the doctor who invented the “triple cocktail treatment,” this is how they saved the life of Magic Johnson.

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Final Viewpoints:

Magic Johnson was an athlete who got HIV in 1991, during the peak of his career. Yet the doctor saved his life and continued doing what he was best at. He stunned everyone because he was able to perform at his peak while suffering from the disease. Yet he managed to play at his very best while suffering from the disease

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