5 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Content Using AI Tools!!

Are you willing to optimize your content in a better way while ensuring accuracy?

If yes, you must go for artificial intelligence as this technology helps one to get accurate results in less time. Undoubtedly, this technology saves time and effort; you can do many tasks in less span of time.


When we talk about AI tools, you can get a list of thousands of online tools working on the algorithms of artificial intelligence. In return, these tools are dedicated to giving you accurate results.

Some of the most notable online AI-based tools are enlisted below.

  • Plagiarism checkers.
  • Paraphrasing tools.
  • Grammar checkers.
  • Site checkers.
  • Many more.

There are not just a few online tools working with AI, but this technology is notable in every field of life, whether it is related to education or even business.

In this guide, we are going to explain how we can optimize our content for digital marketing with the help of AI-based tools.

But before getting into it, let’s discuss what actually an Ai-based tool is.

What Refers to an Online AI Tool?

It is quite obvious that the tools which are working with the combination of artificial intelligence are referred to as AI-based tools.

These tools are very efficient and time savers most of the time. If your preference is to complete more tasks in less time, then these tools are really helpful.

As we have mentioned above that there are various tools available that are really useful in different fields of life.

But in this guide, we are targeting the digital marketing field, and we are going to mention how these tools help in digital marketing.

The Best Tips to Optimize Content Using AI Tools

We’ve mentioned the nth time that these tools are really helpful, but here in this section, we are going to clearly explain how it is a good option to use tools using artificial intelligence.

Let’s have a look at them.

1.    Keep Your Content Away from Plagiarism

The best thing is being unique or being you; everyone has the power to engage or convince people with their own set of facts and opinions.

In the case of digital marketing, content is king!

After writing content for your content marketing campaign, do check for plagiarism in it. You never know when you can get caught for plagiarism. It has become a common cause of ranking drain nowadays.

The biggest uncertainty is that if you have written the whole content by yourself even then there are chances to get involved in plagiarism. Plagiarism has many types and each of them is harmful:

  • Self-plagiarism
  • Accidental plagiarism
  • Paraphrasing plagiarism
  • Direct plagiarism
  • Mosaic plagiarism

So, what can we do?

The easiest and simplest way to avoid plagiarism is to use a free plagiarism checker, many plagiarism checkers are available online, a few of them are free and most are paid.

We have tested free plagiarism checkers and found their results as accurate as the paid ones. So, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for optimizing your content.

A free plagiarism checker can also provide you with the exact percentage of plagiarism in your content with the source information.

2.    Upload Error-Free Content

While writing content, you can get multiple errors, and the most common of them are grammar or punctuation errors.

It is pretty clear that if you are a pro writer, you will surely make mistakes.

When it comes to using AI-based tools, these can also help you in this context. With the help of an AI-based grammar checker, you can eliminate grammar errors such as:

  • Spellings
  • Punctuations
  • Sentence irregularity
  • Form of verb
  • Helping verbs
  • Many more

As you all know that all the above-listed errors are very common and cannot be considered manually. It will be very difficult to highlight these grammar errors and then eliminate them.

So, in this case, a grammar checker is the best option. All you need to do is upload your final draft to a good AI-based grammar checker, and you’ll end up with error-free content.

3.    Content Analysis

There’s a possibility you will still get errors while considering all the important factors, so in this case, you’ll get help from a content analyzer.

A good content analyzer will highlight the following:

  • of passive voice sentences.
  • Irregular sentences.
  • Difficult to read sentences.
  • Grammar and punctuation errors.

Fortunately, there are multiple online ai-based tools that can help you make your content 100% error-free and eliminate every irregularity from your content.

4.      Content Should Follow a Flow

Content is all about delivering ideas, opinions, and information through the right flow, and you can follow the right flow with the help of a good content outline and high readability.


You are just confusing your readers, nothing more than that.

If you are willing to make your content flawless, then keep the readability score high, you can take help from artificially intelligent tools.

The readability of any content depends on the usage of hard words, long sentences, passive voice tone, indirect sentences, etc.

If you change the difficult and rare words with easy and commonly used words, the readability can be enhanced. As a result, the content will also become flawless. A paraphraser can help you in this regard.

Paraphraser is an AI tool that uses GPT-3 and NLP algorithms to find the synonyms for hard in the content. Moreover, it can also correct the sentence structure to some extent. You just simply have to paste the text after writing in a paraphraser and execute the process. It will swap all the hard words with easy ones in no time. Hence, AI-based paraphraser helps in content marketing.


5.    Optimize Your Multimedia

Content is not referred to as text only, the images, videos, and even slideshows are also a part of the content, and you should optimize your multimedia too.

First of all, you need to make the featured image of your content, and this can be done using ai-based tools. All you need is to enter the title; it will create a featured image.

But things are not over here! After creating a featured image, you need to optimize it by compressing or setting the size of the image.


Content optimization is very important in every field and especially in digital marketing, but it is not as easy as it seems.

We have discussed all the important tips to make this task easy and get success in your digital marketing strategies.

Moreover, we have mentioned some online AI-based tools that can help you with this.

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