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flash memory

Flash Memory: Definition, Types, Examples, Devices, Advantage, Disadvantage

What is Flash Memory Definition – Flash Memory was introduced by Dr. Fujio Masuoka in 1980. Flash memory is also known as electronically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM), because in…

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optical storage

What is Optical Storage? Types of Devices, Examples, Advantage, Disadvantage

Definition of Optical Storage Definition – In the optical storage devices, all read and write activities are performed by light. All recording information stores at an optical disk. As per…

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magnetic storage

What is Magnetic Storage? Definition, Devices, Examples, Types

Definition of Magnetic Storage Definition – In the Magnetic storage devices, all data are stored with using magnetized medium, and those types of data saved in that medium in the…

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cpu register

What is CPU (Processor) Register in Computer? Its Types with Functions

What is CPU Register Definition – Register is a temporary storage memory that is built into processor (CPU). In the Computer Architecture, registers are special types of computer memory which are…

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deadlock avoidance

Deadlock Avoidance Algorithms in OS (Operating System) – Must be Known

What is Deadlock Avoidance? Definition – Deadlock avoidance is the mostly used by several types of operating systems, but it is used mainly for end users. This concept is more…

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