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quad core processor

What is Quad Core processor? Meaning, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Quad Core Processor Definition – Quad core is a single chip (processor) that contain four independent cores, and every core has capable to perform their tasks independently instead…

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Dual core processors

What is Dual Core Processor? Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Dual Core Meaning – Dual core means that two processors are embedded into one integrated circuit, so their caches and caches controllers are combined into single chip. Both…

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What is Processor in Computer? Definition and Types of Processor

What is Processor Definition – Processor is known as “Microprocessor“, and it likes as small type of chip that is placed in the computers and another electronics components. Processor can…

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multicore processor

Multi-Core Processor: Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples, Applications

What is Multicore Definition – Multicore means such an architecture, in which one Physical processor consist multiple core logics. These processors are embedded into single integrated circuit, and those types…

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expert system

Expert System in Artificial Intelligence with Applications, Examples, Types

What is Expert System Definition – Expert systems were introduced for solving complex problem in specific domain, because they are very interactive and trustable computer decision maker system that are…

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