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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS (Operating System): Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Virtual Memory Definition/ Meaning – Virtual memory is large secondary memory of operating system, and it allows to hardware and software of computer system to support for physical…

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cache memory

Cache Memory | Locality of Reference in Computer Organization and OS

What is Cache Memory Definition of Cache Memory – Cache memory is variant of DRAM (Dynamic RAM), and it is embedded into the CPU (processor) or between CPU and main memory…

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hybrid computer

What is Hybrid Computer: Examples, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Hybrid Computer Definition – The hybrid computer is different type of computer that has both features of digital and analog computer. Main objective of designing of this computer…

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analog computer

What is Analog Computer: Definition, Examples, Types, Characteristics, Advantages

What is Analog Computer Definition: Analog computer is special type of computer, where to use data in continuously form, not discrete, and changeable continues stream of data is known as…

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What is CPU (Central Processing Unit)? Parts (Components), Functions

CPU Definition Meaning – CPU stands for “Central Processing Unit“, and it also known as the “Processor” and “Brain” of computer system. CPU is placed on its compatible CPU socket,…

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