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What is Laser Printer: Types, Examples, Uses, Applications

What is Laser Printer Definition: Laser printer uses the laser and electrical charge model beyond of the traditional printing like as ink onto the paper. Laser printer resolutions is 600…

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computer ports

Computer Ports Names: 25 Types of Computer Ports, Functions, Examples

What is Computer Port Definition: A port is a physical docking point that is embedded on the computer system to make connection with external or peripheral terminals to the PC….

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computer storage devices

What is Storage Devices: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

What is Storage Device A storage device is also known as the “Storage Medium, Storage Media or Digital Storage“. Definition: Storage device is a computer hardware component that helps to…

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Processing devices of computer

Processing Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

What is Processing Device Definition: The processing device is the computer’s hardware component that helps to handle the storage and retrieval of the information. In the Computer, processing devices play…

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output devices of computer

Output Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

In this article, we will explain different output devices of Computer and how they help you. What is Output Device Definition: Output device is a hardware component that is used…

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input devices of computer

Input Devices of Computer: Types, Examples, Functions, Uses

What is Input Device Definition: An input device is a special type of peripheral device that allows making communication along with processing unit of the computer system. Computer’s input devices…

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block diagram of computer

Block Diagram of Computer with its Components & Functions

Hi, friends! In this article, we will explain the block diagram of computer. A block diagram of computer displays the internal structure of the computer, as we as the block…

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function of computer

Functions of Computer with Diagram – Digital Thinker Help

Computer system is most imaginary machine that manages the many different types of instructions which are given by user; finally produce the accurate output for user. Computer is able to…

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computer system

What is Computer System? Uses and Applications of Computer

What is Computer Definition: Computer is a programmable electronic device or machine that helps to processes, calculations and operations totally depended on the instructions which are given by users. Computer…

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sram vs darm

Difference Between SRAM and DRAM | SRAM Vs DRAM | Comparison

Static RAM is able to retain all information into static form until power supply is turn off, so due to this nature this memory is known as volatile memory. Main…

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