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Multiprogramming operating system

Multiprogramming Operating System: Example, Types, and Advantage!!

Multiprograming OS lets you to run many tasks on Same computer system, simultaneously. Now, here we will explain about what is Multiprogramming operating system with its examples and types; and…

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Multitasking Operating System

Multitasking Operating System? Example, Types, and Advantages!

In this blog post, we are going to explain all possible stuffs about what is multitasking operating system with its examples and types; involving with many advantages and disadvantages of…

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batch processing operating system

Batch Processing Operating System: Examples, Advantage, & Disadvantage!!

Hi Learners! Here, we will explain about what is batch processing operating system and its examples; as well as advantages and disadvantages of batch processing operating system with ease. This…

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What is Deadlock in OS with Example? Deadlock Handling in Operating System!

A deadlock is a condition where more than one process is blocked because it is going to hold a resource and also needs few resources that are required by some…

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Single User Operating System: Example, Advantages, & Disadvantages!

Hi Learners! Here you will learn about what is single user operating system and its examples, types, features; involving with advantages and disadvantages of single user OS with ease. This…

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page fault

Page Fault in OS (Operating System) | Page Fault Handling in OS!!

Hi guys! Here, we are going to explain about What is Page Fault in OS; and involving of Page Fault handling in OS with ease. This is unique article over…

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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS: Example, Types, and Uses | How Does it Work?

Hi Learner! Here, we are going to explain in detail about what is virtual memory in OS and its examples, types, and uses; and involving with how virtual memory works…

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Multi user operating system

Multi User Operating System: Example, Types, Advantages, & Features!!

Multi user operating system is a special operating system that allows to the multiple users on different computers or nodes to get access a single system along with one operating…

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Benefits of IoT

30 Advantages and Disadvantages of IoT | Benefits of IoT in Real Life

Hi Guys! Today, we are going to explain about many advantages and disadvantages of IoT (Internet of Things) as well as drawbacks and benefits of Internet of Things with ease….

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Uses of IoT

25 Real-World Applications of IoT | Uses of Internet of Things

Hi Friends! Today, we will illustrate you about various significant applications of IoT (Internet of Things) as well as showing many Uses of IoT, where you can use of it…

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