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Campus Area Network

What is Campus Area Network (CAN)? Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Campus Area Network (CAN)? Definition – CAN stands for “Campus Area Network“, and it is also called the “Corporate Area Network“. CAN network helps to link couples of…

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bus topology

What is Bus (Linear) Topology in Network? Diagram, Advantages, disadvantages, Use

What is Bus Topology? Bus Topology Definition – A bus topology is also known as “Linear Topology“, and it is used in the Local Area Network. In bus topology network…

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What is LAN (Local Area Network)? Definition, Types, Advantages, Examples

What is LAN Network? Definition of LAN– LAN stands for “Local Area Network“. LAN meaning that it works as privately network because LAN is a bunch of computer machines and…

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Cache mapping techniques

Cache Memory Mapping Techniques, Direct Mapping| Set and Fully Associative Mapping

What is Cache Memory Mapping? Definition – All needed data is transferred from the primary memory to cache memory area, so it is known as “Cache Memory Mapping“. Mapping in…

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network components

What is: Basic Hardware Components (Devices) of Computer Network

What is Network Components Definition – Network Components is also called the “Network Device” or “Network Equipment” or “Computer Networking Devices” which are used to need make communication and interaction…

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