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Client Server Architecture

Client Server Architecture: Diagram, Types, Examples, Components

What is Client Server Architecture Definition – Client-server architecture is also called of the “Client/Server Network” or “Network computing Model“, because in this architecture all services and requests are spread…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Client Server Network

What is Client Server Network? Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples

What is Client Server Network Definition – Client server network is such model where one side server machine delivers the various services to other side client machine for grabbing those…

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quad core processor

What is Quad Core processor? Meaning, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Quad Core Processor Definition – Quad core is a single chip (processor) that contain four independent cores, and every core has capable to perform their tasks independently instead…

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Dual core processors

What is Dual Core Processor? Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Dual Core Meaning – Dual core means that two processors are embedded into one integrated circuit, so their caches and caches controllers are combined into single chip. Both…

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What is Processor in Computer? Types of Processor

What is Processor Definition – Processor is known as “Microprocessor“, and it likes as small type of chip that is placed in the computers and another electronics components. Processor can…

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multicore processor

Multi-Core Processor: Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples, Applications

What is Multicore Definition – Multicore means such an architecture, in which one Physical processor consist multiple core logics. These processors are embedded into single integrated circuit, and those types…

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expert system

Expert System in Artificial Intelligence with Applications, Examples, Types

What is Expert System Definition – Expert systems were introduced for solving complex problem in specific domain, because they are very interactive and trustable computer decision maker system that are…

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expert system

Components and Architecture of Expert System in Artificial Intelligence

Expert systems are a specialized type of knowledge-based system because they have heresy knowledge. This is the knowledge that comes directly from those who have worked for years within the…

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Advantages of embedded system

Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Embedded System

Before ready this article, you must be knows about full detail of Embedded System with their types and important example as well. So Click Here: Click Here – Embedded System…

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embedded system

What is Embedded System? Types, Examples, Applications

What is Embedded System Definition – Embedded system is also known as “Embedded Computer“. Embedded system is a combination of computer hardware circuitry and software programs, and then it delivers…

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