CPU Scheduling Algorithms

CPU Scheduling Algorithms in OS | Types of CPU Scheduling

Hello Learners! Today, here we are going to explain what is CPU Scheduling Algorithms in OS? And different types of CPU Scheduling algorithm in Operating System with ease. At the…

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How to Force Quit an App on Mac

How to Force Quit an App on Mac? With 5 Effective Ways!!

In this article, we will guide you about how to force quit an app on Mac with using 5 simple effective methods, and with using of them you can close…

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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on iPhone

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad? 4 Effective Ways!

In this article, we will explore you about how to turn off Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad with using three simplest methods, and set Dark Mode, as switches off…

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how to find liked posts on instagram

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram? Using Simple Steps!

Instagram is a amazing social media app that allows you share photos, videos, and stories along with your gained followers. Instagram’s users can interact with you by making likes and…

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database server

What is Database Server? Types, Examples, Functions, & Working!

Database server is a ultra-power computer system that allows to keep store and manage data on the server for network of devices and users. Now, we are going to explain…

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Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Login

How to Remove 2 Factor Authentication Instagram Without Login? Easy Hacks

Are you looking any valid article about removing 2 factor authentication on Instagram without login? If, yes then you should be known that it is a challenging task. Don’t worry!…

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how to view instagram without an account

How to View Instagram Without Login/Account? Posts, Reels, & Stories

Are you finding solution about how to view Instagram without login or an account? If answer is ‘Yes’; then you have come at right place because here we will reveal…

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pros and cons of WiFi

20 Advantages and Disadvantages of WiFi | Benefits of WiFi Technology

A Wi-Fi is great solution for running full scale networks because it leads to a fastest connection, better wireless protection, and provide the good range for base station as well….

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Uses of Firewall

12 Different Types of Firewall | Examples and Uses of Firewall System

Hello Friends! Today, here we will explain about about different types of firewall system and its examples as well as many uses of firewall with ease. This is unique post…

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Convoy Effect in OS

Convoy Effect in Operating Systems | Convoy Effect in FCFS Scheduling

Hello Friends! Today, we will explain about what is convoy effect in Operating Systems and its examples; and involving with convoy effect in FCFS (First Come First Served) scheduling with…

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