Secondary Memory

What is Secondary Memory? Examples & Uses | Types of Secondary Memory

Hello Dears! Today, here we will explain about what is secondary memory with its examples and uses; involve with different types of secondary memory in computer with ease. At the…

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virtual memory

Virtual Memory in OS: Examples, Types, & Uses | How Does it Work?

Hi Learner! Here, we are going to explain in detail about what is virtual memory in OS and its examples, types, and uses; and involving with how virtual memory works…

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hybrid topology

What is Hybrid Topology? Advantages and Disadvantages with Examples

A hybrid topology is a special network topology that is a combination of multiple network topologies like as ring topology, bus topology, mesh topology, and more. Now, here we will…

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Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

10 Applications of Fiber Optic Cable and Use Cases in Real Life!

In this article, we will explain several applications of fiber optic cable and where are using of fiber optic cable in real-life. At the end of this post, you will…

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Webex Audio Not Working

How to Fix Webex Audio Not Working on iPhone, Android, & Mac? Easy Guide!

In this article, we will help you about to fix “Webex audio not working” and configure “Webex audio setting”on Windows 10, Android, Mac, iPhone”. I hope, in the end of…

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how to change notification sound for snapchat

How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound on Android & iOS? Full Guide!

Do you know about how to change Snapchat notification sound on Android and iPhone device? If really you don’t aware about this, don’t worry! Because here we are going to…

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How to Download Zoom on Laptop

How to Download & Install Zoom on Laptop/PC, Android, iPhone/iPad?

Zoom is a cloud base video app that helps to organize virtual meeting. Zoom allows to many options like as enable audio-only, video, and live chat. If you are working…

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Critical Section Problem in OS

Critical Section Problem in OS (Operating System) – Full Guide

Hello Friends! Today, we will show you all possible things about what is the critical section problem in OS and their solutions and examples with ease. This is unique article…

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Advantages of Flash Memory

15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Memory | Benefits & Features

In this blog post, we are going to explain about 15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Memory incorporated in your device and Drawbacks & Benefits of Flash Memory. And, you…

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General Purpose Registers

General Purpose Registers in 8085, 8086, 8081 | Special Purpose Registers

Hello Learners! Today, we will explain all possible stuffs about what is general purpose registers with their example; as well as special purpose registers with ease. This is unique content…

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