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We cordially welcome you to write a guest-post for our official blog.

Guest blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure within the market and build relationships with other bloggers and experts within your field. It is also an excellent way to enhance your presence on the web. We are looking for savvy writers, experts, and professional writers, who are interested in writing guest-posts on different topics.

Here, for our official blog, you can submit your post as a guest blogger and can get good benefits as per our guest blogger’s policy.

Why Should You Write for Us?

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Submission Guidelines

Note: We ONLY accept paid guest post submissions. And, first you have to payment, then your post will be published on our website.



Guest Post: We charge $20 for one year | $25 for lifetime.

Link Insertion 45$ for one year | 50$ for lifetime in the middle of Post. 80$ at the first paragraph of post!!

Any time, this price can be increase due to increase the website performance

Important! Firstly, you have to pay your funds then your tasks will be proceeding.

  • The post should be well written in English.
  • The content should be 100% unique. The post should be original and not published anywhere else; no plagiarized content would be accepted. All our articles are passed through a plagiarism scanner to ensure that the written content has not been published before whether partly or completely.
  • The Content should be at least 800 words.
  • Give a proper title and description with a keyword to the post
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings
  • The articles need to be submitted in Word .doc or .docx format, no other format would be accepted
  • The content should be informative, useful, and easy to read and understand.
  • Mention the names of sources for the facts and figures published in the article
  • We make internal linking with our other existing articles
  • If any quotes or photographs used they need to be correctly attributed in the post
  • Content should be suitable for reading for people from any demographics

Backlinks: Feel free to link to your site but only if it’s a relevant blog post. We accept 1 link placed in the content for link building purposes. (We do not allow linking to adult and betting sites within a guest post).

Important!! Your author bio will not considered on the your guest post.

NOTE: We WILL NOT post articles associated with Gambling, Casino, Porn, Dating, Drugs these words and links MUST NOT BE inside the post!

What Topics Can You Write for Us?

For a guest post to be successful, it needs to be rich in content. The blog or post should be detailed and packed with information which readers can take inspiration from. The blogs should guide our readers about the current market trends, the latest innovations, any new technological developments etc. We are particularly looking for posts or blogs on topics related to:

  • Technology
  • Computer
  • How To

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