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clustered system

What is Clustered Operating System (OS): Definition, Types, Advantages

What is Cluster System Definition: Cluster systems like as parallel systems because both systems use multiple CPUs. But, main difference is that clustered systems are made by two or more…

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Multiprogramming operating system

Multiprogramming Operating System: Examples, Advantage, Disadvantage

What is Multiprogramming System Definition: In the multiprogramming system, one or multiple programs can be loaded into its main memory for getting to execute. It is capable only one program…

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What is Groupware: Definition, Types, Examples, Applications, Benefits

What is Groupware Definition: Groupware refers to software that allows multiple users work together on one project while sitting in locally and remotely with each other at the real time,…

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file server

What is File Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is File Server In computer network, file server is a super performing computer system that has responsible for storing and fetching all types of files (audio file, images, video,…

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database server

What is Database Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions, Working

What is Database Server Definition – Database server refers to combination of hardware and software where they are used to run the database, as per the context. As software, a…

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functions and needs of operating system

Functions, Needs, Role of (OS) Operating System

Introduction and Role of Operating System Operating system plays the role likes as software component of computer system that is responsible for the management of all resources of computer system,…

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features of web server

Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Web Server

Web server is a combination of software and hardware that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) as well as other protocols for getting responds to each client requests made over the…

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web server

What is Web Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Uses

What is Web Server Definition– Web server meaning that it can combination of software and hardware that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) as well as other protocols for getting responds…

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application server

What is Application Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Advantages

What is Application Server with Diagram Definition: An application server is a special type of server that allows both web apps development and server environment for running them.Application server is…

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What is Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions, and Uses

What is Server in Networking Definition – Server means highly performing computer machine that helps to deliver many resources, data, or services to another remotely machine, called as the “Client”…

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