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network operating system

Network Operating System: Examples, Types, Components, & Functions!

A network operating system is a special operating system that allows to manage all network resources; and it is enabled with special abilities and functionalities for connecting the computers and…

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What is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): Working & Functions of TCP

What is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Definition: TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol“, and it is a communication standard that helps to enables of application programs as well as exchanging…

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What is CPU and its Components? Parts of CPU and Their Functions!!

CPU is most important hardware that execute several functions related to input and output, processing and storage data for your computer system. Now, we will cover all possible things about…

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Uses of Headphone

15+ Uses of Headphone & Earphone in Daily Life!!

Hello Learner! From this guide, you will discover the many uses of headphone and earphone can improve your listening experience! From music to podcasts, learn how you can get the…

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How to view Keychain passwords on Mac

How to Find Password in Keychain Access on Mac? 3 Easy Steps!

If you are finding to any idea about to find your saved password by using Keychain Access on your Mac system, then you have come at right page. Here, we…

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how to check memory on iphone

How to Check Storage on iPhone/iPad (GB Availabe & Used)? 8 Tricks!!

Wondering about how to check storage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch? How many GB’s of space does your iPhone have? Don’t worry! Now you have come at right place, because here we…

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how to view private account on instagram

How to View Private Account on Instagram? With Using 11 Methods

Instagram is a amazing social media network that allow to interact with people across the world. Few people use the Instagram as for interaction, making friends, and dating but other…

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how to make instagram account private

How to Make Instagram Account Private for Business and Personal ??

If, you want to try hiding your precious post content from individual or group of people who might go looking for you on Instagram, then you have to right to…

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genetic algorithm

What is Genetic Algorithm and its Examples | Applications

What is a Genetic Algorithm:- Genetic algorithms are used to find optimal solutions by the method of development-induced discovery and adaptation; Generally used in problems where finding linear / brute-force is…

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Artificial Neural Network

What is Artificial Neural Networks and its Types | Applications

What is Artificial Neural Network Definition – Artificial neural networks are the most powerful learning models. They have the versatility to approximate a wide range of complex tasks that represent multi-dimensional…

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