What is Call to Action? Help to Generate Leads

What is Call to Action (CTA)

Do you want to earn more lead?

Then call to Action is superb model that can be help for growing your business on internet. 

Every webmasters are designed their websites for growing own business, but they do not know about that how to convert users into potential customer. So now CTA helps to generate for leads.

What is a Call to Action (CTA)? – A Call to Action is also known as (CTA). Call to action play vital role in digital marketing. Call to action provides the imperative instruction to all users for insisting to perform the implements actions on the website or landing page.

Some webmasters use different specific CTAs for their customers such as email newsletter, download e-book for buy something etc.


Good Call to Action Statement means that insist to users for diverting one page to other targeting page   as per webmaster need.

I hope that you has been get proper answer to What is a Call to Action?

How to Use Call to Action Button on Your Website?

There are some important instructions for using Call to Action button on your website or blogpost.

  • Never implement call to action buttons without purpose. Select proper language format that show to customers what they want.
  • Use the fewer CTAs on every webpage because customer can get worry that which offer is best for them.
  • Call to action must be click friendly such as if you want your customer click to CTA and get start downloading of e-book. Then use only “Download” instead to “get free offer”.
  • Always use tooltips such as when uses have to press the mouse hover on the CTA then should be show clear “Call to Action“.
  • In the marketing has not standard rule, your must be performed different experiment for placement to Call to Action button.

CTAs buttons can be used in numerous shapes and sizes. Examples for

  • In-line
  • Button
  • Form
  • Pop-up
  • Slide-in
  • Sidebar
  • Blog
  • Social Sharing

What is Importance of Call to Action button?

There are three area where Call to Action button has more importance such as:

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Generate your Leads

Both Call to action and lead funnels are depend each other. The CTA works as bridge in between landing page and converted leads. Call to action gives reason to users that why they want to click your CTA button. For example if you want that your users get click on the “Download” for downloading E-book. But before attaching CTA button, must be provided value to users such as

Clear mention full information, about your e book on the top of CTA button like as Types of content, Number of pages, and Price as well.

Customer Need

Some circumstances, we add the call to action button as per the customer need not for us lead generation. For Example many users take interest in your business page then those valuable customers search the CTA buttons for going to next steps. If, you miss CTA button then you can loss your lead.

Boost your Brand Name

Call to action is very important for grooming your brand name because some advertiser places the ads not for converting the lead; they want to only show your brand name on the front of users for creating the hype of business name.

When, users take interest for pressing the CTAs button that time user’s 100% focus on the CTA button. So webmaster can use brand name with call action. For example “Download Amazon Book”.  

Free Call to Action (CTA) Generator Tools

These types of tools do not need for any programming language and web designing. Every users can create own stylish Call to Action (CTA) buttons with little bit customization as per need for their websites and landing page as well.

Examples to Free Tools:

  • CSS Tricks
  • Da Button Factory
  • CSS3 Button Generator
  • Button X
  • Dry Icons
  • Dextronet
  • CSS Button Generator
  • Sci Weavers
  • BxCreative
  • CSS Generator
  • Call To Action Button Generator
  • CSS Drive
  • Glassy Buttons
  • As Button Gen
  • CSS Button Maker
  • CSS Button Maker
  • Awcore
  • Button Builder

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