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Unix OS

Unix OS (Operating System): Examples, Types, and Functions!!

What is UNIX OS? Definition: Unix, trademarked as UNIX. UNIX is a multitasking, multiuser operating system for servers, desktops and laptops that are developed for flexibility and adaptability. UNIX operating…

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what is Data Center Architecture

Data Center Architecture Diagram: Examples, Types and Components!!

What is Data Center Architecture? Definition: Data Center Architecture refers to physically layout of cabling infrastructure and the way servers are linked to switches, and they must strike a balance…

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What is Data Center

What is Data Center? Types, Examples, Components!

What is Data Center? Definition: A data center is a facility that is enabled with networked computers, storage system and computing infrastructure, and they let you help to perform many…

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What is Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network (SAN): Diagram, Components, Types, Examples !!

What is Storage Area Network? SAN is full form is “Storage Area Network“. Storage Area Network (SAN) is a dedicated, independent and ultra-speed network that offers block level data storage,…

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what is sound card

What is Sound Card? Types, Uses, Functions & How Does it Work!!

What is Sound Card? Sound card is also known as ‘Audio Adapter’ or ‘Audio Card’ or ‘Sound Board’. A sound card is a hardware component as rectangular shape that having…

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how to enable camera on instagram

How to Enable Camera Access for Instagram on iOS/Andriod? Full Guide!!

Whenever you are ready to open Instagram app on your phone and make a reel from it but you are unable to get recording process, because your Instagram app is…

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how to unmute story on instagram

How to Unmute Story on Instagram (iPhone/Android)? Complete Guide!!

Are you finding solution about how to unmute story on Instagram? If yours answer is ‘Yes’! Then don’t take headaches! Because you have come at right page, here we will…

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how to allow camera access to snapchat

How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat (iPhone/Android)? Full Guide!!

Is Snapchat not ready to get access your iPhone or Android’s Camera? Otherwise any error is showing up that says you should be turn on camera access, then you have…

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how to see if someone is active on snapchat

How to Know if Someone Is Active on Snapchat? 10 Easiest Hacks!!

Do you want to get ideas about how to know if someone is active on Snapchat? If yes! Then you have come at right place because here we will guide…

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how to hide snapchat score

How to Hide Snapchat Score from Friend or Unknown Person? Full Guide!!

Are you finding solution about how to hide Snapchat score on iOS or Android phone?  If yes! Then you should be known that Snapchat haven’t any direct option to hide…

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