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session layer

Session Layer in OSI Model: Functions, Protocols, Examples, Devices

What is Session Layer Definition: The session layer occupies the 5th position of OSI model. This layer depends on the transport layer, and it grabs all services which are offered…

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transport layer

Transport Layer in OSI Model: Functions, Services, Protocols, Examples

What is Transport Layer Definition: Transport layer is 4th position in the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model. It’s main goal is to make end to end communication over the network…

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network layer

Network Layer in OSI Model: Protocols, Examples, Functions

What is Network Layer Definition: Network layer offers the management to handle the operation of subnet. Network layer helps to transfer the all packets from source to target point across…

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data link layer

Data Link Layer in OSI Model: Protocols, Examples, Functions, Devices, Services

What is Data Link Layer Definition: Data Link Layer is layer 2 of the OSI reference model that is used in computer network. DLL layer consists more complication and complicated…

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physical layer

Physical Layer in OSI Model: Functions, Devices, Example, Layer 1 in OSI Model

What is Physical Layer Definition: Physical layer is a layer 1 in the OSI model that plays major activity for interacting along with hardware components and signal mechanism system. This…

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