Networking Cable Types

Types of Networking Cable with Specifications & Their Color Code

Hello Friends! Today, we will explain about what is networking cable and their color code; involving with types of networking cable with specification with ease. After reading this article; you…

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Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted Pair Cable: Diagram, Types, Examples, Application, & Uses

Hi Guys! Today, we are going to cover all possible stuffs about what is twisted pair cable with its diagram, types, examples, application, and uses with ease. This is ultimate…

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repeater network device

What is Repeater in Computer Network? Types, Uses, and Functions of Repeater

Repeater is an electronic device that is used to scale the transmission then signal is capable to cover longer distance. Now, here we will guide you about what is repeater…

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What is Modem? Types, Functions, Uses, Purpose, and Features!!

A modem is a network device that allows to link a computer or router to a broadband network. Now, we are going to cover all possible stuff about what is…

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Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network with Examples | Advantages & Disadvantages

In this blog post, we are going to explain about what is campus area network with examples? And involving with advantages and disadvantage  of CAN networks as well. We can…

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personal area network

Personal Area Network: Applications, Examples, & Types of PAN with Diagram

In this article, we are going to cover about what is personal area network diagram with their different types and examples of PAN networks as well. I can hope that…

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gateway in computer network

Gateway in Computer Network: Types, Examples, Functions, & Uses!

A gateway is networking device that is used into computer network, and helps to connect two networks along with different transmission protocols each other. Now, here we are going to explain…

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Bridge in Networking: Types, Uses, & Examples | Functions of Bridge

A bridge is a network device that is used to connect many LAN networks together along with a enlarge Local Network Area. Bridge network device is operated at the data…

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working of router

Working of Router with its Diagram | How Does Router Work

Router is a network hardware device that allows to make communication in between the internet and all devices which are linked to the internet in your house and office. So,…

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session layer

What is Session Layer? Protocols, Functions, Examples, & Devices!

Session Layer is the 5th layer in the ISO model that helps to control the all dialogues in between all computers. Now, today we will explain about what is session…

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