How to See Liked Posts on Instagram? Using Simple Steps!

Instagram is a amazing social media app that allows you share photos, videos, and stories along with your gained followers. Instagram’s users can interact with you by making likes and comments on your shared posts.


On the social media apps, “Likes” play the vital role because if someone like your shared post then they convey their interest on that post. You “like” posts because you find them relatable, funny or pretty.

Why should, You Know How to See What People Liked on Instagram?

All users on the Instagram, they have to need how to find your liked posts on Instagram for different purpose; like as –

  • You want to save post that gained more like
  • Want to view all new comments on the post
  • Reread post caption
  • You want to try gain more value out of post
  • If, you have new idea then you want to make comment on the post.
  • See liked posts on Instagram to follow the account that had shared them

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

If, you want to know about that how to check liked posts on instagram, then you can follow few simply steps given below.

  • First of all, open your Instagram app.
  • Click on three horizontal lines that are showing on top right corner your IG profile.
  • Now, select to <Setting>
  • Further, click on <Account> option and get to scroll down until you see <Posts You’ve Liked>.
  • After opening this option, you can bring up last 300 posts that you have liked on Instagram.

Alternative to This:

On Instagram, you have a option to <save> a specific post that you gain more likes, and then it can easily to access on later. But, how to do this –

  • Tap on <bookmark-shaped icon> that is appeared in the bottom right corner of your post
  • You can view your saved posts, and than simply have to go your profile and click on
  • In the final, click on <Saved>, and see you’re saved posts.

How to View Liked Photos on Instagram on Computer

Here, we help you to view liked photos on instagram on computer with using of <Layoutify Chrome extention>. It can change the layout of instagram but adds more beneficial options. This is a best method as to see liked photos on instagram on all desktop OS that must be supported to Chrome based browser.

If, you use it then you have not need to install another app to see what people liked on Instagram.

Now, let’s start!!

With using of Layoutify Chrome Extensions

  • First of all, open <Layotify Chrome Extension page>


  • Hit on <Add to Chrome> button for downloading the extension on your browser.


  • Again click on <Add extension> in the pop-up for getting to confirm the download
  • Now, visit <com> on your browser and it will open Instagram in different layout along with multiple panels.
  • Then, hit on <three dot menu icon> that is showing at the top right corner.


  • In the finally, this will open a new tab and will show you all liked posts on your Instagram.

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