How to View Instagram Without an Account or Log in? 3 Easy Methods

How to View Instagram Without an Account or Log in? 3 Easy Methods

Instagram is a amazing social media network that allow to interact with people across the world. Few people uses the Instagram as for interaction, making friends, and dating but other uses it for exploring their business.

If, you haven’t account on Instagram and you have not time to make an account, then you are able only to see Instagram their profiles, pictures, and stories.

In this article, we will help you that how to view Instagram without an account or registration. At the end, you will say that i can do it!!


What is Possible to Browse Instagram without an Account?

There are not chance to see and browse the Instagram without getting to login into its account.

Yes, it is possible??

If, you want to just view public profiles, tagged photos and stories on Instagram, then it is possible for using of <third-party web apps>. These apps help to you for viewing all IG public profile, photos, and private profile as well without signing up or logging in Instagram account.

But, here is what you’re missing out on by not creating a Instagram account:

  • Liking photos
  • Zooming in on photos
  • Viewing Stories with Highlights
  • Following an Instagram account
  • Veiwing posting comments
  • You are not able to interact with and view shared posts in detail as regular Instagram user.

How to View Instagram without an Account

Here, we spread the light on 3 methods which help you how to see Instagram without an account. Below explain each one –

Method 1: Imginn

Actually, many Instagram viewers want to view any public content without using Instagram account. So, i recommend you to because Imginn helps to you for searching Instagram without an Ig account for profiles and stories. An Imginn allows to user for getting to download Instagram stories, posts, and profile pictures as well.


Imginn is totally free to use and you can prefer with following few instructions; below you can see:

  • Open your Web browser on your device like as laptop, PC, Android phone, or iPhone, and then type <> hit Enter button
  • Now open home page of <imginn>, then you can type <Instagram profile name> into search box to begin searching the profile same. Here, you can view Instagram story, for this you click the <Story icon> above the search box.
  • Then Imginn will display you all Instagram profiles related to inputted search query. Then click on the <Profile> to see all shared posts and stories.
  • Click on <Stories> to see all stories by this Instagram user same.

Method 2: With

  • provides the services to browse Instagram acccount and hashtages without log in account, and it is very simple methods to view the profile, photos, or videos of someone.
  • In, no need to install any application, because this website is sufficient for you to visit Instagram without an account.
  • Simply, type the <> in your browser, and then type <User Name or Hashtag> that you want to view.


  • Now, it will bring all matching account, and click on any account and it will appear full profile detail.

Method 3: Disable or Remove Instagram Login Popup Extension

  • This method only for using , it is very simple and convenient method to browse any IG account without an account.
  • To install <Chrome extension> in Google chrome
  • <Chrome extention> helps to removes login pop up on Instagram while scrolling Ig profile without getting to log in.

How to Install:

Got to chrome extensions > Download> Unzip file > Install > and activate the developer mode. Then by clicking load unpacked and choosing the folder to be extracted.

Now, it ready for you!!

Another Way without using Third Parties!!

You are able to find specific Instagram profile but before that you must be exact username and their profiles are set to public.

Then start –

Type the Instagram website URL in your browser with following the account’s username. For example: It will be work, if it would be set to public.

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