types of distributed system

Types of Distributed System | Examples of Distributed Systems

Through this article, we will introduce you about different types of distributed system and its examples in detail; and involving various examples of distributed systems with ease. After reading this…

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Use Cases of 5G

Use Cases and Applications of 5G Technology with Examples

Hello Friends! Today, here we will explain about remarkable applications of 5G technology with their use cases and examples with ease. This is ultimate content over the Internet. So, after…

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Applications of GPS

55 Uses of GPS | Examples & Applications of GPS in Real Life

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to explain about numerous uses of GPS system in daily life; as well as different examples and applications of GPS technology with ease. At…

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web server

What is Web Server? Examples and Uses | Types of Web Server

A web server is a special computer that keeps store server’s software and other website’s components file like as HTML documents, images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files. Now, here we…

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What is Server? Types, Examples, & Functions | Uses of Server

Server is a computer program that offers the special functionality for other program or devices, called the ‘Client’. Therefore, we are going to cover about what is server and its…

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Components of IoT

Top 15 Components of IoT (Internet of Things) System

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to explain about several important components of IoT (Internet of Things) technology with their examples and functions. This is ultimate article over the internet….

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IoT Protocols and Standards

20 IoT Protocols and Standards | IoT Communication Protocols List

Hi Guys! In this article, we will illustrate you about many commonly used IoT protocols and standards; involving with showing top list of IoT communication protocols with ease. At the…

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applications and uses of SONAR

Top 25 Applications of SONAR | Uses and Examples of SONAR Technology

Hi Learner! Now, here we are going to discuss about remarkable applications of SONAR system as well as essential examples and uses of SONAR technology with ease. Finally from this…

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Pros and Cons of sonar

Advantages and Disadvantages of SONAR | Pros and Cons

Hello Learner! Today, we will show you about many essential advantages and disadvantages of SONAR technology; involving with various benefits of SONAR system with ease. This is unique article over…

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Advantages of Distributed System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distributed System | Characteristics & Features

Through this article, we are going to explore about several advantages and disadvantages of distributed system; as well as features and characteristics of distributed system with ease. In this blog…

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