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working of inkjet printer

Working of Inkjet Printer Parts and Functions | Inkjet Printing Process with Components

Hi Learner! In this article, we will explain the working of inkjet printer with their parts & component, and how you get the created printout as image and text. How…

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What is Motherboard? Function, Components & Types of Motherboard!!

Hi guys! here we will cover in detail about what is motherboard and its types; and involving with motherboard components and their functions with ease. This is unique article over…

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Uses of digital computer

10 Examples of Digital Computer | Uses of Digital Computer

Through this article, you will fully educated about many examples of digital computer system and applications where are going to use of digital computer in daily life with ease. This…

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advantage and disadvantage of ms word

45+ Advantages of MS Word | Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

Hi Friends! Today, we are going to cover about many advantages of MS Word and its disadvantages as well; involving with various drawbacks and benefits of Microsoft word with ease….

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Sixth Generation of Computers

Sixth Generation of Computers – Complete Guide

Hello Friends! Today, we are going to explain all possible stuffs about what is sixth generation of computer; and involving with evolution, advantages, disadvantages, characteristics, and features with ease. We…

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What is inkjet printer

What is Inkjet Printer? Definition, Types, Uses, & Examples!

Inkjet printer is a computer output device that generate the hard copies of a text document otherwise picture by getting to spray droplets of ink on the paper. Now, we…

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Fourth Generation of Computer

Fourth Generation of Computer: Examples, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

Hello Friends! Today, we will discuss complete guide about Fourth Generation of Computer with its examples, history, features, advantages, and disadvantages with ease. This is unique post over the internet;…

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What is Laser Printer? Types, Examples, Uses, and Application!

Laser printer is going to use the photocopy technology for taking print; it uses a laser beam and dry powdered ink to provide the higher quality dot matrix pattern. Hence,…

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Fifth Generation of Computer

Fifth Generation of Computer with Examples {Complete Guide}!

Hi Learners! Today, we will give you complete guide about fifth generation of computers and their examples, uses and applications with ease. This is unique content over the internet; therefore,…

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advantages and disadvantages of RAM

Advantages and Disadvantages of RAM | Features, Importance, & Characteristics of RAM

Hi Learners! Here we will explore about many advantages and disadvantages of RAM (Random Access Memory); involving with other features, importance, and Characteristics of RAM with ease. This is unique…

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