analog computer

Analog Computer: Examples, Types, and their Characteristics!!

Analog computer is any class of electronic device whereas continuously variable physical quantities like as fluid pressure, or mechanical motion are referred into analogous to the corresponding quantities into issue…

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quad core processor

Quad Core Processor: Means, Examples, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Quad core processor is a single chip along with four independently units known as cores that help to read and execute the all CPU’s instructions like as move data, add…

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Uses of C Programming Language

35 Applications of C Language | Uses of C Programming Language

Hello Learner!! Today,  from this blog post, we are going to discuss about real-world applications of C language as well as many uses of C programming language in future with…

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What is Magnetic Disk

What is Magnetic Disk? Example and Types of Magnetic Disks

Magnetic disk is a storage device that uses magnetic patterns on a spinning disk to store and retrieve digital data. Magnetic disks have been used for decades and are still…

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input devices of computer

Input Devices of Computer: Examples, Types, Functions, and Uses

Hello Friends! In this article, we are going to explain in detail about what are input devices of computer and its types, examples, functions, and uses with ease. This is…

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Applications & Uses of PCB

15 Applications of PCB | Uses & Examples of Printed Circuit Board

Hi Friends! Today, here we will explain about many remarkable applications of PCB as well as different uses and examples of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with ease. After completing this…

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Benefits of Printed Circuit Board

20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB | Benefits of Printed Circuit Board

Hello Friends! Today, through this post we are going to study about several remarkable advantages and disadvantages of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) as well as other benefits of PCBs with…

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Benefits of SSD

25 Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD | Benefits & Features

Hi Friends! Today, in this post, let’s look at the remarkable advantages and disadvantages of SSD (Solid State Drive) as well as features and benefits of Solid State Drive (SSD)…

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Advantages of Trackball

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trackball Mouse – Easy Guide

Mostly people spend most of day at the front of a computer being a regular mouse that you can get wrist pain and discomfort from moving it back and forth…

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Advantages of Microprocessor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microprocessor | Features and Characteristics

In this blog post, we are going to cover about many advantages and disadvantages of microprocessor; and involving of characteristics and features of microprocessor with ease. Making ensure that at…

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