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quad core processor

Quad Core processor: Means, Examples, Benefits, & Disadvantages!!

Quad core processor is a single chip along with four independently units known as cores that help to read and execute the all CPU’s instructions like as move data, add…

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what is sound card

What is Sound Card? Function, Types, Uses & How Does it Work!

What is Sound Card? Sound card is also known as ‘Audio Adapter’ or ‘Audio Card’ or ‘Sound Board’. A sound card is a hardware component as rectangular shape that having…

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Advantages of Chromebook

35 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebook | Pros and Cons

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to reveal all possible things about what are advantages and disadvantages of Chromebook; as well as involving with pros and cons of Chromebook with…

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What is Laser Printer: Types, Examples, Uses, and Application!!

Laser printer is going to use the photocopy technology for taking print; it uses a laser beam and dry powdered ink to provide the higher quality dot matrix pattern. Hence,…

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functions of ram

Function of RAM | Working of RAM Architecture & Structure with Diagram

In this blog post, we are going to cover all possible things about function of RAM (Random Access Memory); as well as working of RAM and its architecture and structure…

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what is dram

What is DRAM (Dynamic RAM)? Examples, and Types of DRAM!!

Dynamic RAM is a kind of random access semiconductor memory that allows to keep store every bit of data into memory cell; it is usually containing of a tiny capacitor…

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advantages and disadvantages of RAM

Advantages and Disadvantages of RAM | Features, Importance, Characteristics of RAM

Hi Learners! Here we will explore about many advantages and disadvantages of RAM (Random Access Memory); involving with other features, importance, and Characteristics of RAM with ease. This is unique…

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Dual core processors

What is Dual Core Processor? Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples!!

A dual core processor is a technology that integrated with two complete processing units to run in parallel on a single chip. Now, here we will explore about what is…

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multicore processor

Multi Core Processor: Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples, & Applications!

Multi-core processor is an integrated circuit that contains more than two processor cores linked for getting to enhance performance and decrease the power consumption. So, now will explore about what…

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Application, Uses of ROM | Function of ROM & Working in Computer

ROM is a memory chip where to keep store data, but you are able only read the data of ROM; cannot make any changes to it. Now, today we will…

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