What is Digital Marketing? Types, Example, & Strategy!!

What is Digital (Online) Marketing

What is Digital Marketing It is also called as online marketing because in digital marketing all activities are performed by online means to on “internet”. In digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the Internet. Businesses take advantage of digital channels like search engines, social media, email and their website to connect with current and potential customers.

Types of Digital Marketing

Many people aware about digital marketing but they do not know about different types of digital marketing platforms. All types of digital marketing have own activities, depend upon which type of online marketing you are performed.

10 Types of  Digital Marketing Examples Strategy

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio Board casting Marketing
  • Television Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social media marketing is very impressive model for doing marketing on the different types of social media platforms. On the social media platform, you can build huge targeting audience, enhance sales, and transfer social traffic on your targeting WebPages.

Social media marketing is divided into two parts-

Organic SMM: In the organic SMM, we can promote own business without paying any fee to social media marketer, but it is more time consuming method. In organic SMM, if want to engage targeting users then must be share unique content in the form of (attractive banner, blog post, and share webpage’s link as well).

Paid SMM: In paid SMM,  not need to consume time because in which adopt the paid plan of social media platform, and manage as per his requirement.

Types of Trending Social Media Platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Myspace
  • Delicious
  • YouTube

Content Marketing 

Content is a king in the digital marketing because without quality content you can never clime the ledger of success in entire internet marketing zone.

Content marketing is  pre-planned marketing, where to prime focus on the generating and valuable content, most relevant to your niches, more consistency in writing  for attracting and insist the targeting audience, and finally goal has to drive the valuable customer action.

Reasons for adopting the content marketing are:

  • Enhance the sales graph
  • Cost effective
  • Identify the loyalty customer in the among of all customers.

Some Content Marketing Examples:

A. Infographics : In which we expose our information inform of graphics that include statistics, charts, graphs, and other information.
B. Webpages : What’s the difference between a normal webpage and a webpage that is content marketing? on webpage we can write fruitful information for convince audience and create the high attention on our web page.
C. Podcasts : Podcast leads to more sales of his books, signups for his courses, and requests for him as a speaker.
D. Video : Video content marketing has been used to sell different Products and services through publishing with viral video content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy of procedures, strategies and strategies used to expand the measure of guests to a site by getting a high-positioning situation in the query items page of a web crawler (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other web crawlers as well as various benefits of SEO.

In which Three techniques are used :

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a type of web promoting, in which principally paid publicizing includes the advancement of sites by expanding their perceivability in search engine results pages.SEM can include search engine optimization, which in order to increase the website content and site architecture to retrieve high ranking or rewrite the increase in pay per click list in search engine results pages.

Google Adwords 

In google Adwords, we use Cost Per Click (CPC) also called Pay-per-click  is an Internet elevating model used to manage action to destinations, in which a marketing specialist is a distributer gives the click when the advertisement happens.

Pay-per-click is usually associated with first-level search engines (like Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing ads). With search engines, advertisers usually bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is an online sales strategy that allows the owner of the product to target other viewers, and to earn commission by recommending the product to others – allows to target “affiliates”. Also, it makes it possible for affiliates to make money on product sales without creating their products.

The cost of a customer buying a product or service through an affiliate is similar to the purchase directly from the product owner.

While the product owner earns less money per sale because they have to pay the percentage of sales to the affiliate, they are reaching potential customers, perhaps they will not be able to reach themselves.

Through a sale of affiliate membership or membership programs, you can earn commission on a one-time purchase or recurring income.

Email Marketing

With the help of email services can be send commercial massage to people. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a prospective or current customer can be considered as email marketing. This usually includes the implement of email to send advertisement or fire the question for sales or donation. This help to make loyalty, rely or awareness of brand name. Marketing email can be sent to the purchased lead list or current customer database.

Example are:

  • Runkeeper
  • UncommonGoods
  • Bonobos
  • Focus Points Global
  • Amazon Local
  • PayPal
  • Harpoon Brewery

Radio Boardcasting Marketing

Choosing the right radio station with many people available to you is not as difficult as it seems. Radio divides your audience into categories of age (18 -34, 18 – 49, 25 – 54, 45+ and so on) and select gender (female, male and adult – adults if your client male and female Between them are equally divided).Each radio station offers a very specific audience, That’s why once you know the age and gender of your target customers, you can zoom in on the stations serving those people.

Television Marketing

While national TV promoting is more often than not out of a business visionary’s value go, publicizing on nearby stations and on digital TV can be shockingly moderate. What’s more, extremely, it’s not all that difficult to purchase TV plans. Why? Since regardless of what statistic your group of audience falls into, you can discover suitable programming on any of the systems. Each station contacts each group of audience day by day, with plans that incorporate cartoons, celebrity, talk, sports, soaps, news, films, reality and prime time programs.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Versatile promoting is kind of publicizing that shows up on cell phones, for example, advanced Mobile Phones and tablets that have remote associations. As a subset of portable showcasing, versatile publicizing can happen as content promotions by means of SMS, or standard notices that seem inserted in portable site, in downloaded applications or in portable recreations. Versatile innovation utilized by organizations, for example, Google and Facebook tailor portable notices in view of person’s web perusing history, geographic area, and with information gathered by shopping propensities. Since cell phones normally have littler screens than PCs or workstations, this type of advanced publicizing is generally streamlined for little shows by being compact.

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