What is White Hat SEO? Techniques & Advantages!

Do you want to rank your website in Google Search Engine without breaking the Google guidelines rules?

Then White Hat SEO is best way for improving your websites.

What is White Hat SEO?

What is white Hat SEO – “White Hat SEO” means all SEO techniques that accept all guidelines that are released by any search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bind etc. White hat SEO has a main goal to increase the organic web traffic with improving the user experience, and user stay on the website for long time.


Why to Adopt White Hat SEO?

  • White Hat SEO helps to maintain your online reputation.
  • Enhance the organic web traffic for your website.
  • Increase your Return of Investment (ROI).

“Black Hat SEO” Opposite to  “White Hat SEO” because in the Black hat SEO follows all techniques with breaking the Google and other search engine’s rules. Due to Black hat SEO; your website can be banned for displaying in SERP by search engines. So don’t use them.

White Hat Importance

As the number one search engine, Google is visited by billions of people per day, and each visit presents the potential for your site to be discovered by a new user.

Google is an undisputed powerful source of traffic to your website, and restricted website traffic and even business can fall drastically. Consider all the actions that come to your website, and then think about how it would be to restrict it to the most commonly used search engine on the Internet. Once you get banned from Google, it does not matter if they will list you again. Life expectancy from Google will be tremendous.

Two type of White Hat SEO 

On-Page SEO 

On Page optimization determine to all activities of website like its loading time , Meta tags (Title Tags, Description Tags, heading tags) and duplicate content etc.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization prefer all activities that are outdoor of the website and help to increase its ranking in search ranking as well as Off-Page SEO help to create so many high-quality back links as well.

White Hat SEO Techniques

There are 10 trending techniques (Strategies) that are used in White Hat SEO. Such as

Create Valuable Website

Create the one website instead of the multiple websites. In created website, provide the value to users. Give more attention on the pure quality instead of the quantity.

Focus on Fresh Content with Quality

Never use the “Copy content” from other website and launch them on own website. Google always hate to stead content, if Google found you as a content stealer then immediately your website will be banned. Avoid automation tools such as rewrite article and spin content because those tools more harmful for your website.

Note –  Always publish unique and fresh content with better readability.

Update old Content

Users always prefer to trending and fresh content. All search engines also give the priority those website to which their old

Content update regular basis. Never use 301 redirect for new content; you must be updated old existed content. Due to that process, will be improved the quality of your websites.

Keyword Research

Keyword is the bone of the SEO because keyword is most important factor in the white Hat SEO. Today, search engine crawlers are smarter because, if your keyword is most relevant to your content as wel as user interest then it will be rank otherwise no.

Different types of free keyword research tools are available in the market such as Keyword Planner and Uber suggest etc.

Link Making Strategies

Link building is also known as “Backlink”.  Backlinks play very important role for generating organic traffic. IF, ensure your content is pure premium not copied, but without making quality backlinks your can’t  get desired result.

Note – Never buy bulk backlinks!  Never use automatic creating backlink!

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP

Two types of domain are serving in the market HTTPS and HTTP. If you want to get more success for long time then you must be used HTTPS. HTTPS provides the higher level firewall protection compare to HTTP. Mostly people prefer to HTTPS websites for buying any products and services because in the HTTPS domain payment methods are secured.

Mobile Friendly

Today, 80% users use the internet on their mobile phones. So if you want to get more visibility on the mobile SERP then your website must be designed mobile friendly instead of desktop layout.

Use (AMP) “Accelerated Mobile Page” for improving the result on the mobile SERP.

Meta Tags

Google crawlers consider your website as per implemented Mata Tags by you. Mainly Meta Tags are Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and as well as use (H1 .. H6) Tags. If your prime keyword has been used in the Meta Tags then Google crawler understand that their content is related to that keyword.

Alt Tags

You can optimize your images with using the Alt Tag. If you use Alt tag then Google increase the ranking in their photo galleries as well, and help to increase the traffic from Google photo galleries.

Technical Configuration

Technical optimization is very important for improving the visibility in the Google SERP. Some technical aspects that are must be configured with website such as sitemap, Mapping with webmaster, mapping Google analytic, robots.txt, and Facebook pixel etc.

Advantages of White Hat SEO

There are various benefits of White Hat SEO over the Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO. 

Freedom from Penalize

Google loves to pure white hat SEO techniques. Google bots always scan to all website that are running over the internet. If, they find any mislead techniques that they panelize of those website for some or long time, they can be banned those faulty websites.

But your website is working with using the White hat methods then they are tension free.

Cost Effective

White Hat SEO techniques and tools are not more expensive. If you use those white Hat SEO techniques and tools then you can get best result for long time with better ROI. You need hard working and patience, if you have both then your result oriented by white hat seo are ever green.  

Establish Healthy Relationship

Black hat SEO is about using spamming and illegal rules, while white hat SEO will help you to increase enthusiasm around your business and products. This user will also help in building a long-term relationship with the base, if you want to increase your business, there is a need to do this.

Long Term Output

With this SEO, you can get results that last for a very long time. Not only does this provide a wonderful experience, but it also provides a stellar way to promote your business in the future, because the results will not be exactly the same for months and years, with no changes in it. In fact, most search engine optimization experts use this kind of technology.

Low Risk

The Black hat strategy is very risky and they can restrict you, but on the other hand White Cap SEO is very safe and you will not have to face any issues, unless you make them yourself. Try to make your audience organic, simple, and the results will be much better in this way. There is no legal threat involved, while at least to say black hat can be very bad.


White Hat SEO strategies are designed to help promote some real, rather than click bat. Finally, you want a good image online in your business, and this is the only proven way to do it.

Enhance Revenue

Besides, white hat Search Engine Optimization is about to change your products into profit. Strategies are designed to promote the image of your company and in the end it can help you get a great ROI. Of course, this may take some time but in the end this is the most important thing, so keep this in mind.

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