‘Apple ID Verification Failed’ Error on iPhone/iPad? Fix It with 12 Ways!!

If suddenly you get verification failed error connecting to Apple ID server message, while trying to access iCloud services, backups, iTunes, or App Store on your device. Don’t worry! Here we will guide you simple steps to fix this ‘Apple ID verification failed problem.

Sometimes many persons are facing problem when they sign in iCloud along with correct login credentials details, then following message will be bring up like as “Verification failed: There was an problem connecting to the Apple ID Server“.


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Why to Get Apple ID Verification Failed?

There are some cases when you will receive error ‘Apple ID Verification Failed’ likes as:

  • If you are going to try make connection to Apple devices and services but same time your internet connectivity is not stable. Then you will obtain the message “Apple Verification Failed“. So your internet connection must be stable.
  • In another situation, if you are putting wrong Apple ID and password then you may be lead to this error.

Whatever causes, doesn’t matter! Here we will give you 12 solutions to fix them with ease.

Verification Failed Apple ID Server – Fix It

In this section, we will tell you what to do if you encounter a problem connecting to Apple ID server, then you cannot connect to Apple ID server. Relax! Here we will give you 12 solutions to solve your problem; below mentioned all:

  1. Update Latest iOS Version
  2. Reset Network Settings
  3. Restart your iPhone
  4. Check your Internet Connection
  5. Check your iPhone’s Date & Time Settings
  6. Sign out/In your Apple ID
  7. Check Apple Server Status
  8. Disable VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  9. Log out/In your Wi-Fi
  10. Change Apple ID Password
  11. Apple ID Verification Code
  12. Touch Apple Support

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What do i do if my Apple ID won’t verify?
  • How to set up new iPhone if you can’t get verification code?
  • How to set up new iPhone if you can’t get verification code?

Let’s Get Started!!

Update Latest iOS Version

If latest iOS version is not running on your iPhone and iPad, then you may be get problem verification failed, cause of no proper updated Apple ID setting with latest iOS version; to do this:

  • Launch <Settings> app on your iPhone and tap on <General> option.
  • On next page, click on <Software Update> and then press the <Download and Install> tab, put your iPhone’s passcode.
  • If you receive a message of ‘Terms and Conditions’ then tap on <Agree> option


  • Next you will get pop-up and click on <Agree> to confirm your choice.
  • Once completed this process, you have to wait for few seconds to update the latest iOs version on your device.

Reset Network Settings

This is another solution to encounter your problem ‘verification failed and not connecting to Apple ID Server. Here’s how:

Important!! Make ensure, Airplane Mode not enable on your iOS device.

  • Open <Settings> app and press on <General> tab.
  • On next page, scroll to bottom of the page and tap on <Reset> button.


  • Further tap on <Reset Network Settings> option, and enter the passcode if it needed.


  • Once completed this process, your iOS device will be restart and your all network settings will be erased.

Restart your iPhone

If above mentioned ways not working and still you are getting error apple id verification failed, then you have to need force restart your iPhone.

Check your Internet Connection

If your internet connectivity is not reliable then you can get annoy to problem ‘connecting to Apple ID server‘. So you have to need speed test if it gets down then you should be upgrade your network plan. How to check it:

  • Launch your browser on your device and search any online tool to test internet speed.
  • If you didn’t find any online internet speed test tool then click here and hit on <Run Speed Test> button.
  • This tool will appear result about your internet speed, if this speed is not capable to access your Apple ID. Then upgrade it.

Check your iPhone’s Date & Time Settings

It is another reason that can show up an issue connecting to Apple ID server is your “Date and Time”. If your device’s date and time is not set accurately then this problem may be persisted, but they are set automatically based on your location, and if they are not set as proper date and time. So you have to need adjust them; here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > General > and tap on ‘Date and Time’
  • On next page, toggle on <Set Automatically>, and check your <Time Zone>, if it not accurate then set it.


  • Once completed this steps, you can see that fix problem connecting to the Apple ID and verification failed.

Sign Out/In your Apple ID 

If you have been used all ways which are shown above, but your problem didn’t solve then you can try this method . When you get to sign out your Apple ID on your device, then you will be asked to save a copy of data that you have saved into iCloud. If you want then select it and your all data will be stored on your iCloud.

But after sign out, you cannot access longer many services like as Game Center, Find My, Voice Memos, App Store, iTunes Store and more, which are linked with same Apple ID. So you should be signed in back to get access these services. Here’s how:

  • Launch <Settings> app on your iPhone or iPad
  • On next page, tap on your <Account>
  • Further scroll to bottom and hit on <Sign Out> option.
  • Now you should be waiting for few times and back <Sign in> again. Your problem ‘Error Connecting to Apple ID, Verification Failed’ will be fixed.

Check Apple Server Status

On rare situation, Apple server is getting under maintenance or get down, but you can’t take any action about this. Just you can check that Apple’s server is available or not; here’s how:

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  • Then check all service related to Apple Id settings like as “Apple ID”, “App Store”, “iCloud Account & Sign In. If green dot is visible next to them that mean server is available otherwise you have to wait few times to fix them.

Disable VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Today, mostly people prefer to use VPN for getting protects internet privacy, but sometimes you can get “Error Connecting to Apple ID, Verification Failed” message. Now you must be turned off your VPN; here’s how:

Navigate Settings > VPN Toggle OFF

Log out/In your Wi-Fi

If shown above trick didn’t fix your issue, then you can try this:

  • Navigate Settings > Wi–Fi
  • Press on <Info> tab that showing next to ‘Wi-Fi network,’ and then click on <Forget This Network>
  • Choose <Forget> if you get prompt to confirm your choice.
  • Next turn off your Wi-Fi, and wait for few seconds and turn on it again.
  • When you appear ‘Wi-Fi network’ then press on ‘this network’
  • Enter your password and get log in.

Change Apple ID Password

It is good habit to change your Apple ID password regularly at the interval couple of days, because if your old password may not meet the Apple’s current recommendations. Then cause of this, you can get error ‘Apple ID suggestions verification failed’, so you go ahead to change your Apple ID password.

Apple ID Verification Code

Sometimes, your iPhone is not able to get sync with Apple ID due to many issues, then you gets error ‘Apple ID password verification failed’. Now you can get to confirm you sign in with using verification code; here’s how:

  • Log in your Apple Id on another device
  • Navigate Settings > iCloud.
  • On next page, choose <Password and Security> and tap on <Generate Verification Code>
  • Now you can put this verification code into your desired iPhone with error to solve it.

Touch Apple Support

If above shown all methods aren’t helpful for you, then as soon as you get to touch Apple Support Service. Apple support can offer wide range of help to fix Apple ID Verification failed unknown message.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do i do if my Apple ID won’t verify?

If your Apple ID won’t verify, you can try the following steps based on common solutions:

  • Ensure the correct password is used
  • Check for network connectivity issues
  • Update your device’s software
  • Reset network settings
  • Contact Apple Support for further assistance

How to set up new iPhone if you can’t get verification code?

If you can’t get a verification code while setting up a new iPhone, you can try the following steps based on common solutions:

  • Click “Didn’t Get a Code” on the sign-in screen and choose to send a code to your trusted phone number
  • Get a code directly from Settings on a trusted device
  • Go to your Apple ID account page and enter your Apple ID and password. On the Verify Your Identity screen, select “Can’t access your trusted devices?” and enter your Recovery Key
  • Contact Apple Support for further assistance

Why does my Apple ID keep saying unknown error?

An “unknown error” with your Apple ID may occur due to various reasons, such as server issues, incorrect login credentials, or device/software glitches. Verify your Apple ID and password, ensure a stable internet connection, update software, and try again. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Final Thought

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