How to Hide Photos on iPhone & iPad? “Hide Photo Albums” {10 Ways}!

Sometimes you wish to know that how to hide photos on iPhone for whatever reasons? OK, iPhone lets you to hide picture, but it doesn’t offer properly private album. So here we will guide different methods to hide pictures on your iPhone or iPad, but it concerns on level of privacy you require.


Why to hide Picture on iPhone? Each one open image to keep their memory saved forever. Keeping your private images safe is a concern as they are not protected on your Photo album. If your phone come to other persons then they try to view your any image in Photo app, then you have to way: either to remove your picture or protect from outer.

So don’t take headaches, because here we will guide you 10 different methods. You can use one of them as per concern your protection level.

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How to Hide Photos on iPhone

In this section, we will discuss you about how to hide picture on iPhone and iPad by using 10 pretty simple ways; below shown all:

  • How to Hide Photos on iPhone via ‘Photos App’
  • How to Hide Pictures on iPhone via ‘Notes App’
  • How to Hide Photos from Spotlight on iPhone
  • How to Hide Picture from Third-Party Apps on iPhone

How to Hide Photos on iPhone Using Apps

  • Best Secret Folder
  • Private Photo Vault Pro
  • Keep Photos Secret
  • Secret Photo Vault (KeepSafe)
  • Photo Vault
  • Secret Photo Album Vault

Let’s start!!

How to Hide Photos on iPhone via ‘Photos App’

Photo app is built-in tool in every iPhone that helps users to hide or disappear photos on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to launch <Photo App> on your iOS device.
  • Select the photo or video, you wish to hide. You can also select multiple pictures.


  • On next screen, press on <Share icon> locating lower left corner of your screen.


  • This will open action menu, find then <Hide> option and select it.


  • Open confirmation pop-up, press on <Hide Photo>, and then your image will be invisible.


How to Hide Pictures on iPhone via ‘Notes App’

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Notes app comes preinstalled on each iPhone that also lets user to hide your private images being password. How you can hide images on iPhone or iPad using Notes app; below shown all steps:

  • Launch the Photos app on your device.
  • Next you have to tap on <Share icon>


  • On resulting screen, tap on <Notes icon>


  • This will open pop-up window, add text to note if you want, and then press on <Save>


  • Move back to <Notes> app
  • Open the Note that just created with picture with in it.
  • After that, press on <> three dots icon located top right corner.


  • And then select the <Lock> option.


  • Further you have to need put the password to lock your note, and click on <OK> tab.


Don’t forget to remove original photos, which are still presented into your Photo app, so you have to need delete them. Here’s how:

  • Move back to Photo app
  • Tap on <Select> option that locating top right corner
  • Lightly tap on your desired photo, you want to delete.
  • And then, press on <Delete icon> at the bottom right corner
  • Then move back to <Album tab>
  • Select <Recently Deleted> option, under the Utilities
  • Select your desired image; press on <Delete> option.
  • If you get confirm pop-up, then tap on <Delete Photos>

How to Hide Photos from Spotlight on iPhone

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Spotlight search is most helpful for you to search something such as picture, files, folders, app and more. Cause of this, it can expose your privacy. But don’t worry, because here we will show you amazing trick that helps you to prevent Spotlight from displaying results from the Photos app in the search. Here’s how:

  • Launch Settings app on your iPhone
  • Go to Siri & Search > Photos

Now, get disable toggle for following items:


  • Learn from this App
  • Show Suggestions from App
  • Suggest App
  • Show App in Search
  • Show Content in Search

How to Hide Picture from Third-Party Apps on iPhone

Third-Party Apps gain to access your photo library when you are trying to share some images, then it gets a privacy concern, if those apps are getting to start tracking your library endlessly without informing you. And cause of this, your privacy can be revealed, so you have to need hide your private images from those third party app like as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings app > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Enable toggle switch next to <Content & Privacy Restrictions>, and then press on <Photos> option.


  • On resulting page, you will see list of all apps that having access to your photos library. If you wish to entirely deny their access to your photo library, select <Don’t Allow Changes>


  • If you want to trigger access with third party apps to picture on per app basis, then select certain app. But allow them to get access only chosen images or select <None> to block their access.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone Using Apps

Here, we will discuss about many useful apps, which help you to hide pictures on your iPhone and iPad; below shown all:

Best Secret Folder

This is free-of-cost app that allows you to create locked photo albums of your images and videos on our iOS devices. This app informs you if someone tries to sign in to the password protected app and pictures of the offender.

Private Photo Vault Pro

Private Photo Vault Pro ($6.99) is not free app, but it offers a lot of stunning features. This app allows user not only password protect app, but also make locked photo albums along with own passwords. Users are not able to take images or videos directly in the app. It is easier to import and export to and from Photo app.

Keep Photos Secret

Keep Photos Secret is also best solution to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad, but is available on iOS and later. It lets you to keep your images saved in password protected lock.


  • Easy to synced along with your PC to iTune.
  • It has password recovery option, if you forget your password.
  • It is totally safe from any cyber-attack, because it doesn’t support cloud storage.

Secret Photo Vault (KeepSafe)

KeepSafe is trustworthy app on App Store to hide pictures on iPhone and iPad. It allows user to unlock variants like as PIN protection, fingerprint touch ID, password or a pattern. It offers users to cloud storage backup, then they can access their data from other devices.

Photo Vault

Photo Vault app lets you to create a secret picture album on your iPhone or iPad, which has advance features. On this app, you can arrange your images along with date, type, file size, or name which is best for finding any photo. It also offers you to get double protection as folder lock inside the locked app.

Secret Photo Album Vault

Secret Photo Album Vault is also another best solution to hide photos on iPhone along with encrypted storage, which is secured with PIN or Face lock or fingerprint. With using built-in camera, you can take photo that is directly stored into your locked app. It also supports slideshow to see pictures with smoothly on this friendly interface.

Bottom Lines

I hope that above shown all ways are helpful for you to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad, you can use one of them as concern you level of privacy.

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