How to Turn on Dark Mode on Mac {Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave Version}!!

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Mac {Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave Version}!!

In this article, we will explore you about how to turn on Dark Mode on Mac{with macOS Big Sur and old version} – as well as in previous versions of your macOS.

Apple’s Dark Mode for Mac first released with macOS Mojave, and it has become a staple of all further releasing versions of macOS. In Catalina, you could get Dart Mode from Notification panel slide-out.


Apple Mac’s Dark Mode lets you to help you work better at night and in slow light. Once turned on Mac’s Dark Mode, then their supported websites and apps will get automatically change to dark background with white text? Once you turned on Mac’s Dark Mode, then Mac’s Dock, built-in apps, menu bar, and other supported third party apps will turn black.

How to Make Mac Dark Mode

In this section, we will show how you can make Dark Mode on your Mac and Macbook with {Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave version}.  

Let’s start!!

To enable Dark Mode on your macOS Big Sur, follow these basic steps; below mentioned all:

Enable Dark Mode Theme on Mac via Siri

If your Mac computer is compatible with Siri, then you change Dark Mode on Mac and Macbook in few seconds. Firstly you have to need activate Siri then say these commands to change Dark Mode.

Turn On Dark Mode:

“Hey Siri, turn on the Dark Mode” or just “Dark Mode”


Change from Dark Mode to Light Mode:

You can also turn off Dark Mode, and again move back to Light Mode with following this command:

“Turn off Dark Mode” or “Turn on light mode”.

Turn on Dark Mode on Mac via Control Centre {With Big Sur Update Only}

Mac Big Sur update offers the option to enable or disable Dark Mode by with pulling down the Control Centre. Here’s how:

  • Go to top right corner of Mac computer, and press the <Control Centre icon>
  • This will open new window, click the arrow in <Display> button that showing top right corner.
  • Now hit on <Dark Mode> tab.


Enable Dark Mode on Mac via System Preferences {With Catalina and Mojave }

If you have older macOs version (Catalina and Mojave) then don’t worry, you can also turn on or off Dark Mode on your Mac via System Preferences window. Here’s how:

  • Go to top menu bar and select <System Preferences> option.


  • This will open new System Preferences’s window, and select the <General> option


  • At the <Appearance> section, you have three themes choices like as Light, Dark, and Auto. You can turn on Dark Mode with selecting mode.


  • Further if you wish to turn off Dark Mode on Mac then select <Light> option.
  • And save you’re changed.

Turn On Dark Mode on Mac {before Mojave}

If you have an older version of macOS (one that came before Mojave and Catalina), then you can also turn on Dark Mode on your Mac’s screen. This is not offering to be a full-featured dark theme, but definitely worth useful if you work in dark spaces. Here’s how:

  • Go to Apple menu > Displays, and select <System Preferences>
  • This will open new window, select on <Night Shift> option and customize the timing. It also allows you to choose Sunrise to Sunset or custom hours.


  • Can be adjusted the color temperature manually with moving the slider as your need.

How to Schedule Dark Mode on Mac

macOS also allows you to turn on or turn off Dark Mode automatically according on time of day. To do this:

  • Navigate menu bar > System Preferences > General
  • This will open new window, select <Auto> option from ‘Appearance‘ section.


  • Once done it, your Mac will get automatically put dark mode at the evening, but you try to open up Macbook at the morning, then it will be move Light Mode.

How to Get Dark Mode on Mac at Certain Time

If you wish to get dark mode on your Mac or Macbook at the certain time period then you can use third party app named “NightOwl”. It is free version utility but works along with only macOS Mojave and above version. How to use it:

  • Firstly download NightOwl from its official website and install.
  • Once installed it, you have to need approved permission.
  • Next press <NightOwl icon> and turn of <Scheduled> feature.


  • Now you can put specific time when you wish to turn on Light or Dark mode.

At the End

Here was a quick guide on how you can make Dark Mode on your Mac with several versions like as Big Sur, Mojave, and Catalina.

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