Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress – Help to Grow Your Website

WordPress is a famous platform, and it works as content management system. If you are designed your website by this platform then you can use numerous best free SEO plugins for WordPress that help to grow the web traffic for your website.


How to Select Best WordPress SEO Plugins

  • If, you want to use any SEO plugin then ensure those plugins have not implemented unwanted CSS and JavaScript entities because due to them your website’s loading time can increased, and it is a bad factor for SEO point of views.
  • Always choose such plugins that have multiple SEO features. If you use the more plugins for different features then your website lose the reliability.
  • Plugin document is very important factor because it provides the assistance to all users that how to work it properly. So always such plugin must be used that provide excellent documentation in the form of video guide or articles with info graphic. In these documentation, provides the clear instructions that how to install, update, and configure.
  • Every better SEO plugins must have excellent customer support. WordPress has numerous free plugins in their repository along with their support forum. If, you get any problem due to use them can take online support via forum support.
  • Every SEO WordPress plugins have reviews and rating that are earned by the users who are using them. So we can decide that which plugins are better according to their reviews and rating.
  • Ensure, your activated plugins are updated frequently, and they must be compatible with your installed latest WordPress version. If, your selected plugins are not updated time to time then it can be very harmful for your website because your website can be hacked.
  • SEO plugins must be compatible with other using plugins because both are not compatible each other then WordPress’s screen can death, and destroy your website as well.

List Free SEO Plugins for WordPress - Download Them

  • Yoast Plugin
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • SEO Press
  • Rank Math
  • All in One Schema Rich Snippets
  • MonsterInsights
  • WP Rocket
  • SEO Framework
  • Easy Table of Contents
  • WordLift
  • Rel NoFollow Checkbox
  • Broken Link checker
  • Smush Image Compression
  • Redirection
  • NavXT Breadcrumbs
  • SEO Squirrly

Yoast Plugin

In the market, Yoast SEO plugin has more demand because it provides the totally website optimization for boosting your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Yoast plugin offers the best feature for adding the Meta Title and Meta Description to every posts as well as pages. It also lets you easily use the Open Graph Metadata in your blog posts.

When you activate the Yoast Plugin then XML SiteMap created automatically for your website because Sitemap is very important for crawling your website by different search engines, it delivers the all SEO data to search engines for indexing in search engine’s database.

Download Free Yoast Plugin

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is also most famous plugin in the SEO market. It is best alternative to Yoast Plugin.

It also offers to add easily Meta Tags (Title and Description), Open graph Meta tags, XML sitemaps etc.

If you use its premium plan then it allows other more features for optimization your website.

Download Here

SEO Press

SEOPress is also best WordPress plugin for growing your website in SERP. It also provides all features such as Meta Tags (Title and Description), Open graph Meta tags, XML sitemaps, and more.

Its interface is very simple. Everyone can use it after taking some training of SEOPress.

SEOPress has premium plan very cheap to Yoast and All in One SEO Pack with including all similar features of them.

Click Here for Download

Rank Math

Rank Math plugin is designed as user friendly and it also offer you for adding the Meta tags, Open Graph tags for growing your articles. It helps to create XML sitemap for delivering the all SEO data to search engines, and it assistances for mapping between the website and Google Search Console.

Free Download

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets offers numerous schema contents such as reviews, events, people, products, recipes, software apps, videos, and articles.

All search engines grab all snippets data from your website, and that data displays in SERP with your website such as displaying star rating with reviews, prices with product, and more.

This SEO plugin works properly along with existing other SEO plugins. 

Free Plugin, Click Here for Download


MonsterInsights is best option for improving the website’s SEO strategy as well as marketing decisions.

MonsterInsights allows the Google Analytic plugin for your WordPress website. It has very simple methods to install the Google Analytic in WordPress, and it displays the overall report of your website in the WordPress dashboard, no need to use external Google Analytic.

MonsterInsight plugin helps to track all information that how many users are coming from where and where they exit. It also helps to provide information related to Woo Commerce SEO such as how many products are getting more popularity, and which are getting loss.

Free Download

WP Rocket

Site speed plays vital role for improving your website in the search engine result page. With using WP Rocket plugin, you can boost your website in few times without hiring any technical staff.

Click Here for Download

SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is best alternative to Yoast and All in One SEO Pack plugins because it has more functionality to other SEO plugins, and it is very lightweight plugin as well.

Download Here

Easy Table of Contents

Google gives the first priority to spitted long content into small subheading instead of long paragraph.

This plugin allows to adding the content into table form to your articles and pages as well because it makes them for navigation in simple ways.

Your content is divided into specific topic now users can read information as per need instead of entire post, and due to it increase CTR, time on page. It helps to decrease the bounce rate, pogo sticking, and dwell time as well.

Free Download


WordLift plugin is very useful for optimizing your content, and it use structured data markup automatic. This plugin helps to creating the internal links, useful widgets, and semantic rich metadata. WordLift lets you start translating the content into machine friendly content that is most benefits for search engine crawlers, chatbots because they can trace easily them and index into their database.

Benefits are:

  • It create automatic knowledge graph for structured linked data markup.
  • It provides the assistance for improving the content optimization.
  • It is integrated by Google Analytic.

Click Here for Downloading

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

If you want to link your website with other website, then those websites may be most relevant to your website otherwise not relevant (Spammer). If external links are spammer then your website can be degraded in search result. For overcome this problem, mostly webmasters implement the Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin.

Note – This plugin is most useful for the affiliate marketer.

Benefits are:

  • It does not hurt your website’s speed because it has lightweight code.
  • No need more extra time for configuration this plugin.
  • It is most useful for non coder webmasters.

Free Download Here

Broken Link Checker

Broken link means to lead the 404 error pages. Your website can be degraded in search engine result page due to exist broken links in your website. Broken links lead to bad user’s experience, and Google gives the first priority to user’s interest. So Broken Link checker plugin helps to finding the all broken links in website, and fix them with easy steps.

Benefits are:

  • Can be modified huge numbers of broken links with in few times by plugin’s primary page.
  • This plugin has feature for searching and filtering links.
  • This plugin do not allow the search engines for following the broken links that are exist in your website.

Free Download

Smush Image Compression

Smush Image Compression plugin is very helpful for optimizing & compressing the all images with clicking on few buttons.

If, you use more images in your website then your website’s loading time can be increased, so you must be used this plugin for decreasing the loading time of your website.

If you are able to buy its pro version then you can also use other better functionality of that plugin. But you are in initial stage then firstly use its free version.

Alternative plugin are – EWWW Image Optimizer & Compress JPEG and PNG images

Click Here for Free Download


Redirection plugin has best feature for redirection from one URL to targeted URL with using simle click on the redirect button, after its installation.

If, you want to drive all web traffic of particular URL to desire URL then it is best option for you.

Best alternative is – Simple 301 Redirects

Free Download

NavXT Breadcrumbs

If, you want to attach the breadcrumbs functionality in your website then NavXT is best plugin for you. It offers too many features for customizing the breadcrumbs according to your website structure.

Click Here for Free Download

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SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirlly provides best SEO consultant for webmaster. When you install it in your website, then this plugin helps to optimize your article and images for search engines and readers.

Benefits are:

It provides the best access control for copyright free images, and you can use them in your website.

You can the preview Snipet information that how it will be display in SERP.

It can also help to generate the XML sitemaps for your website.

Free Download this Plugin 

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