How to Increase Your Instagram Followers? Grow Your Account Organically!!

Are frustrated by the lack of engagement on your Instagram account despite posting regularly?

Are you looking for effective strategies to increase engagement and build a loyal following on the platform?

You’re in luck!

I’ll share with you some powerful methods which all are designed to boost your engagement and grow your followers organically.


Whether you are a business seeking to increase brand awareness or an influencer wanting to expand your reach, these tips will help you attract genuine followers who will actively engage with your content and foster a loyal community.

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So, let’s discover how to increase your Instagram followers and elevate your account to new heights.

Actually Engage with Your Audience

Posting on a regular basis and uploading stories isn’t everything. To gain some engagement, you have to actually start engaging with people. And at this point, engagement can embrace multiple forms. When people comment on your posts, like their comments.

Feel free to reply, even if it isn’t a question. Simply agreeing to someone’s opinion shows engagement and activity. People will be more likely to embrace the human side of your Instagram account if they see regular activity.

Give a Few Sneak Peeks

Everyone likes a good secret, and your followers make no exception either. People like it when you share something they shouldn’t know. Sure, your posts might be public, but a few hints regarding a new release or some news will do.

This type of activity makes your followers believe they belong to a special group. Hints and sneak peeks will make them try to guess, not to mention revisiting your profile to see if you’ve actually made an announcement. Great platform iDigic for Instagram that helping out to get your Instagram followers and likes at one place, instantly!

Re-upload Viral Things

You don’t necessarily need to go viral to gain popularity. Instead, if someone has already done it, you can simply climb on the wave and take advantage of their work. Feel free to download IG story online or perhaps some reels, then reupload them yourself.

Make sure you mention the original source. After all, stealing someone else’s content is against Instagram’s rules. Keep in mind that you may not always find the original source, but at least mention who you’ve downloaded it from.

Focus on Captions Too

Indeed, Instagram is more about pictures and videos than text, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook captions. If someone is really interested, they’ll read all that. They’ll tap to read more if it’s too long too. But if you only see an emoji, it looks dull and boring.

Furthermore, a caption allows you to use a call for action as well. Of course, the action must be about engagement. You can ask a question or perhaps ask your followers to tag someone who would like that. There are lots of ideas, and the more replies you get, the higher the engagement.


Post at the Best Time

Your audience, their location, age, and interests determine the best time of the day to post. You want to post when your people are online or just before that. No matter how good your content is, it gets lost in the crowd if you post at bad times.

What works for some accounts won’t work for everyone, so you’ll need to use analytics to find out what works for you.

Create Great Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is a crucial aspect of growing your followers on the platform. Your bio is the first impression that potential followers have of your account, so it needs to be engaging, informative, and reflect your brand’s personality.

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A well-crafted bio can help attract more followers by clearly communicating what your account is all about and why people should follow you. By including relevant keywords, links to your website, and a clear call-to-action, you can encourage followers to engage with your content and take action.

Have a Fun Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff and giveaways. Such social media contests aim to draw attention to your account and boost engagement. Obviously, it must be 100% real and also realistic. Giving away 1,000 iPhones won’t bring in too much engagement because most people know it’s not true.

Joining the competition requires a bit of action. It could be sharing a post, tagging a few friends, reuploading a photo or a story. Whatever the requirement is, make sure it’s with your goal in mind, and that’s increasing the engagement.


Increasing your Instagram followers and engagement organically is critical for building a loyal and engaged community on the platform. By utilizing the strategies discussed in this post, you can grow your account and attract genuine followers who will actively engage with your content.

Remember, it’s not about buying fake followers or resorting to spammy tactics but rather building a strong, authentic presence on the platform that nurtures genuine relationships with your followers. So, take these tips and apply them to your Instagram account today and watch your organic growth soar.

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