How to Clear Cache on iPhone & iPad from Safari and Other Apps!

Here, we will talk about how to clear cache on iPhone and iPad to save some storage space and improve performance. iPhone and iPad’s cache, assigned area in your device that keep store temporary data, can help app and website load quickly, but sometimes it can eat up your device’s internal storage space.


Many iPhones only have a low amount of internal storage area, and this space is filled by saving videos, images, and music instead of browser cache or unnecessary app data. So cause of storing these unwanted temporary data, your iPhone or iPad’s speed get slow and degrade performance. So you should be deleted your iPhone’s cache and other app as well.

When you delete cache on your iPhone or ipad from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera Touch that means all data like as files, username, password, photos, and scripts from visited websites will be erased.

Note: Before going to delete cache on iPhone or iPad from Safari, and other browser as well as third party apps, make ensure you must be known your username and password, because as erasing cache will be logged out of your all apps and websites.

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How to Clear Cache on iPhone & iPad

Here, we will guide you about how do you clear cache on iPhone and iPad from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge,  Opera Touch browsers, and other third party apps with following simplest steps.

Let’s start!!

How to Clear Safari Cache on iPhone and iPad

If you are facing few performance problems, then immediately clear your browser cache to boost up your iPhone’s speed. Your cache contains little files, but over time, they append up and get bad effect on your device’s speed. Don’t take headaches; here we will guide about how to clear cache on iPhone & iPad from Safari browser:

  • Firstly you have to launch <Settings> app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Perform scroll down to find <Safari>, and tap on it.


  • This will bring up context menu, and press on <Clear History and Website Data> option.


  • Then you will get dialogue box, tap on <Clear History and Data>. Once done it, Safari’s cache has been deleted.


How to Delete Cache on iPhone and iPad from Chrome

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Google Chrome Browser is also best alternative to Safari browser for your iPhone and iPad; here we show you about how to delete Chrome cache on iPhone or iPad:

  • Open <Chrome> app and press the <> menu icon that located lower right corner of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Next go to Settings > Privacy
  • Further choose the <Clear Browsing Data> option, and then choose the items which you want to delete.
  • Next select the <Time Range> and choose <All Time>.
  • Now press on <Clear Browsering Data> that showing at the bottom, and then confirm the pop-up.

How to Remove Cache on iPhone and iPad from Microsoft Edge

If you are Preferring to use Microsoft Edge browser, then this section for you because here we will guide you about how to remove Microsoft Edge cache on iPhone or iPad:

  • Open <Microsoft Edge> on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Press on <> icon that is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • This will open context menu, select <Settings>
  • Tap on <Privacy and security>, and then press then <Clear browsing data> option
  • Next you have to tap on <Cookies and site data> to select it; you can also clear browsing history, cache, passwords, and addresses with tapping on them.
  • Once done it, Press <Clear browsing data>. You will get pop-up confirmation box, and then tap on <Clear> tab to validate your choice.

How to Delete Cache on iPhone and iPad from Firefox

If you are using Firefox browser over other browsers, then you can also delete its cache that stored by Firefox. Here we will cover about how to delete Firefox cache on iPhone or iPad:

  • Firstly you have to open Firefox bowser on your iPhone and iPad
  • Then press on <three horizontal lines> icon that showing at the bottom right corner of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Next select <Settings> option and then tap on <Data Management> from context menu
  • Make ensure <Cookies> toggled ON, you can also erase browsing history, cache, downloaded files, tracking protection, and other website data by toggling turn ON.
  • Once done it, Press on <Clear Private Data> tab, and then you prompts pop-up window, again tap on <OK> to confirm your actions.

How to Erase Cache on iPhone and iPad from Opera Touch

Opera Touch browser also collects all cache from websites you have visited. So you can also erase these caches from your iPhone and iPad with following simplest steps:

  • Firstly you have to launch <Opera Touch> browser on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Press on <O> icon that located bottom right corner of your screen, and then appear drop-down menu; choose the <Settings> option.
  • Next you will come on Setting’s window, find <Clear Browser Data> option and tap on it.
  • Further select <Cookies and Site Data>, you can also choose browsing history, cached images, and site settings by tapping those options.
  • Now finally, tap on <Clear> option that visible top right corner.

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How to Clear App Cache on iPhone & iPad

If you want to clear cache on your iPhone apps, then you have to nee to offload them. Offloading is an app that helps to get free up storage space which is used by app while keeping to store documents and data. If you try to uninstall and reinstall app, then you data will be again uploaded. How to clear app cache:


  • Launch <Settings> app on your iOS device.
  • Then it will display context menu, choose <General> option and press on <iPhone Storage> option.
  • Next you have to choose the app that you wish to offload and then press on <Offload App> tab to remove cache and make space on your iPhone.
  • Now you will get pop-up window, and choose the <Offload App> to confirm your choice.

Note: if you don’t want to need app for long time then select <Delete App>

Delete App Cache on iPhone and iPad with Cache Feature

Few apps are enabled with a cache feature that allows to make easier to you to delete directly into Settings app. To do this:

  • Firstly you have to need launch Settings app.
  • Scroll down and find desire app, and then press on it.
  • Now find out <Clear cache> option, and press on it to remove app’s cache.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone & iPad Using Software

If you are not prefer to delete iPhone’s cache as manually, and you are looking any tool then this section for you, because here we will discuss about few programs that help you to delete entire your iPhone and iPad’s cache from one point; below mentioned:


PhoneClean lets you to easy to erase hidden, cached, cookie, and other unwanted junk files from your iPhone and iPad. This program is capable to monitor what’s reasons your device to clog and then wipe them wisely. Download it from its official website.

iMyFone Umate

iMyFone Umate is best solution to clear cache and other junk files, as well as it is also capable to perform multiple tasks with in minutes like as wipe unnecessary files, handle enlarge files, compress/delete/export your desired photos, etc. If you have bunch of apps that are useless then you can delete at once with using this software from your iPhone.

Last Words

Clearing cache on your iPhone or iPad would not take much more of your precious time, but it helps you to enhance your browser’s performance as well as boost up speed of your devices.

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