How to Clear Google Search History on iPhone and iPad? Use Easy Way!

If iPhone and iPad users prefer to delete Google Chrome search history, then here is a complete guide you about how to clear Google Search History on iPhone and iPad with following few basic steps.


Google Chrome app keeps to save data on your iPhone and iPad as browse the web, with including cookies, cached images, files, browsing history, saved username and passwords and autofill data.

Why to delete search history? Sometimes search history can be getting more dangerous because someone might snoop into your history for targeting adverting according your interest, and malicious activities. So you should be clear search history on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to Clear Google Search History on iPhone & iPad

In this article, we will guide you about how to delete Google search history on your iPhone and iPad with following few simplest steps; below shown all:

Let’s start!!

How to Clear Chrome Search History on iPhone and iPad

Deleting search history from Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, is easier. But if you prefer to use Google Chrome, and you want to remove search history from Chrome then it is also incredible simplest to Safari. Browsing search history can be deleted directly from Google Chrome. Here’s how:

  • If search history icon is locating at the begin page in the Google Chrome on iOS below search bar, then tap on this icon.


  • If not visible icon, then alternatively press on <> icon that showing at the bottom of your browser.
  • Then this will appear context menu, tap on <History> option.


  • Next you have to need scroll down and press on <Clear Browsing Data…> for getting to start delete Chrome browser search history.
  • You can choose time range at the above of page. This range is defined from last hour to all of your search history.


  • Once you have chosen then you can remove, and cross check the data which you are going to erase. Browsing History, Cookies and Site Data, and Cached Images and Files are selected, by default. You can select or deselect any item as per your need.
  • Once you have complete this process, press on <Clear Browsing Data> at the below of device’s screen.


  • Next you will get pop-up dialog box at the front of you, to confirm as your choice.

How to Delete Google Search History Any Item on iPhone & iPad

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With following few simple steps, you can erase any specific parts of your search history on your iPhone or iPad. You can use search bar to find a certain item. Here’s how:

  • Firstly launch Chrome browser on your iPhone & iPad.
  • Press on <More> icon that is showing at the below right corner
  • This will display context menu and tap on <History> option.
  • Press on <Edit> tab.
  • Here you can find entries you wish to clear
  • Once done it, press on <Delete> option
  • Now finally, press on <Done> button that showing at the top right corner.

How to Erase last 15 Minutes Google Search History

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Google is introducing a feature to iPhone and iPad app that allow you to remove the last 15 minutes of Google search history with tapping three steps:

  • Launch Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Press your profile icon that locating at the top right of your screen.


  • Now press on <Delete last 15 min> option.

Once done it, you have deleted all items that you have searched in last 15 minutes.

Important!! If you don’t wish to keep store search history on Google Chrome then we suggest you to use incognito Mode/Private Mode while using internet. How to open it:

  • Launch Chrome app on iPhone
  • Press <> option and then tap on <New Incognito Tab> option.
  • Now you can use Incognito Mode/Private Mode, As soon as you move back to standard browsing, Chrome immediately clear everything about any sites you had searched.

Bonus Tip: Press on <Search history> tab, and set it to auto-delete every 3 months if you wish to erase your all Google web and app activity as possible using Google’s automatic delete tool.

Last Words

By following all above given steps, you can delete your Google Chrome browsering search history as well as erase certain item from browser’s history.

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