How to Force Quit Safari on Mac? With 7 Simple Tricks!

In this article, we will guide you about how to force quit Safari on Mac with using effectively 7 methods, It is incredible easy to close Safari on Mac. In the end you will say i can do it!!

how to force quit Safari on Mac

Sometime Safari app is getting freeze or none responding while running low resources. Then it will affect your work and you also have to force quit to restart again. But your question is how to possible to quit Safari app forcefully on Mac without getting to crash your system?

How to Force quit Safari on Mac

In this section, we will educate about how do you force quit Safari on Mac with using 7 effectively methods; below mentioned all:

Let’s Start!!

Using Apple Menu

Here you have to select the Safari browser app in an your active state on your Mac

  • Now hit on <Apple> icon to open menu options
  • Press on <Force Quit Safari> option into menu list.
  • Now your Safari app will be close forcefully.

Using DOCK Option

  • Here you have to need make right-click on the app in the dock and choose

Now Safari app will be quit forcefully

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If sometime your Apple menu is not getting to work then you can prefer this trick. Here, how to do:

  • Simultaneously press Command + Option + Esc keys at once.
  • Then new window will be opening “Force Quit Applications
  • Now you can select and highlight app that you want to force close.
  • Then final you hit on <Force Quit> button that is appearing in the bottom right side.
  • Now you will get confirm pop up that ensure do you want to force “Safari” to quit?

Quit Using Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor works like as task manager in Windows, and this app most useful to monitor the all resources usage for your Mac and allows closing or quitting any app that is not getting to response or hanging.

Follow few steps one by one to quit Safari browser:

  • Simultaneously press Command + Space keys to open <spotlight search>
  • Now write the <Activity> into search bar.
  • Then open Activity Monitor window, and then choose Safari app from given list of Activity Monitor.
  • Further, hit on <X> symbol that is appearing at the top left corner of the app to close Safari app forcefully.

Using Force Restart your Mac

Some time you are getting that nothing else open otherwise responds and system entirely broken, then you are not able to use above all trick. Then you have to precede close all apps forcefully and then get to restart your Mac.

To do this, you can follow these few steps; below mentioned all:

  • Simultaneously press and hold Control + Command + MediaEject keys on your keyboard.
  • When you will show <your Mac turn off and turn on> then free those keys.
  • Now you should be able to restart to your PC without getting to run any app.

Note: Here all apps will be close without prompting to save unsaved files or other documents. If you have any then you go to save before firing to force restart.

Using Terminal to Force Quit Safari

This method is for technical users, because it is complicated method, but it is last and after this method you problem will be solved.

  • Firstly open your Applications folder gets to scroll down to Utilities and then launch <Terminal>
  • After passing some time, your Terminal will appear your username and followed by a $ sign. And you have to type Top and press the Return key.
  • Terminal appears your RAM and CPU usage diagnostics along with that displays all of your applications. It is also including background application, which mostly use lot of RAM without us free it. Command column helps to appear name of every active application. Column on the very left shows the process identifier (PID) for every application. The PID allows you how to keep track of open applications by your computer.
  • Select the app that you have to need close from Command column, and then copy the application PID. Now you can get to highlight it and mention the keyboard shortcut Cmd + C to copy and then final close this Terminal window.
  • Launch new Terminal window and then type <Kill> command. Hit spacebar once and again type Cmd + V to paste the PID you last copied. You will receive a message same to “Kill93142“, and click on <Return key> to tell Terminal to close the problematic application.

Using Uninstaller App

You can also use uninstaller apps which help to locate app files for you and entirely remove app as well as app files as well as deleting its data in one click.

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